Building Your Network

Getting started with Aerohive is simple. No matter what stage in the buying process you are, we give you resources to help you to plan, stage and deploy your network with us.


With Aerohive's free web-based planning tool, you can plan a Wi-Fi deployment in no time. Upload your floor plan, draw the walls, and place access points either yourself or with the auto placement feature that ensures the coverage level you specify.

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Next, see how easy it is to configure, plan, and deploy a wireless LAN with Aerohive's HiveManager Online Demo. Use your demo account and simulated APs, create SSIDs and policies, set up guest access, and more.


Once you have planned your deployment and experienced HiveManager, you will be ready to take our products for a test drive. Fill out our evaluation request form and you will be contacted by an Aerohive representative who can qualify you for an evaluation.

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