HiveManager NG®
Aerohive's Next-Generation Enterprise-class Cloud-enabled Network Management Solution
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HiveManager NG

HiveManager NG is the next-generation network management solution from Aerohive. This cloud-enabled solution sets a new standard for simplicity and flexibility in unified networking by combining streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, simplified troubleshooting, versatile RF planner tools, and API integrations. HiveManager NG truly provides a platform for enabling a next-generation network focused on mobility.

This next-generation cloud-management system centralizes the management, provisioning, and monitoring of wireless networks without sacrificing distributed intelligence located at the edge of the network within each access point. HiveManager NG can scale from a small, basic network to cover a larger, complex network with seamless upgradeability and simplicity. The Aerohive HiveManager architecture allows administrators to deploy wireless networks and maintain constant visibility and control, all enabled by a powerful cloud platform and ecosystem that tie connectivity, insight, and applications together. In today’s “always connected” world, being able to access, control, and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi infrastructure from anywhere is not only possible, but required.

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Wi-Fi Planning Tool

See how easy it is to plan, configure, and deploy a wireless LAN with Aerohive's FREE web-based planning tool. Using an evaluation account, upload your floor plan, or create a floor plan by tracing a building using our google maps integration and place simulated APs. The planner will generate PDF reports showing AP locations, AP inventory, RF settings and heatmaps so you can distribute to management or installers to streamline the planning & deployment process from start to finish. Please fill out the form above to get started!