Aerohive Healthcare Solutions Gain Significant Momentum

One-Third of the Top 50 U.S. Long-Term Care Providers Rely on Aerohive to Provide State-of-the-Art Patient Care

Sunnyvale, Calif. — April 23, 2013 — Aerohive Networks®, the pioneer in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled enterprise networking, today announced that one-third of the top 50 long-term healthcare providers in the United States rely on Aerohive to provide a robust wireless platform for their state-of-the-art patient care solutions. Aerohive’s products have enabled some of the nation’s largest facilities of regional healthcare and remote clinics to implement critical medical applications. The technology has allowed these facilities to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes by leveraging Aerohive’s ‘mobile first’ networking solutions.

News Facts

  • In today’s world, healthcare facilities rely on a complex array of technologies, including electronic medical records (EMRs), wireless medical devices, tablets and medical applications. As technology has become an integral part of patient care, secure wireless connectivity has increasingly become essential for facilities providing the best possible medical care.
  • With Aerohive’s wireless solution, medical providers have access to critical information at the point of care — whether it’s downloading patient lists for the day, using tablets to do electronic charting, retrieving EMRs while on-the-go, or using medical applications like PointClickCare, Caretracker or the voice-activated Accunurse. Easy access to critical information allows providers to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction, reduce patient wait times, and, ultimately, improve clinical outcomes.
  • Within the past year, Aerohive has grown its business in healthcare by over 100 percent, and has made significant strides across many segments including regional medical centers, long-term care facilities and remote clinics.
  • One-third of the top long-term care facilities across the United States have implemented Aerohive’s mobility-optimized networking solutions to provide their communities of caregivers, healthcare IT admins and assisted living personnel with seamless, robust, mobile application performance. In fact, in Provider Magazine’s 2012 list of the “Top 50 Largest Nursing Facility Companies,” 16 were Aerohive customers. 
  • Aerohive’s integrated security, monitoring and reporting capabilities facilitate the implementation of Healthcare HIPAA compliant solutions. By leveraging cloud technologies, Aerohive allows healthcare IT organizations to streamline complex security requirements of a medical facility and reduce risk.
  • Aerohive’s next-generation, cloud-enabled Wi-Fi, routing and switching products provide the nation’s leading healthcare providers — including Brookdale Senior Living (the largest assisted living chain in the United States), Riverside Health Care Systems and RHA Health Services — with robust, mobility optimized network solutions distributed all over North America.
  • Aerohive’s cloud-enabled network management system, HiveManager® provides centralized management to healthcare facilities, simplifying operations in distributed sites such as clinics or hospital campuses. HiveManager provides deep visibility into critical applications across all locations and devices, anytime of the day, and allows IT to dynamically optimize application performance based on user context (user identity, device type, location, application in use, and time of day). HiveManager also enables hands-free deployment and remote management of Aerohive access points (APs), routers, and switches — important, since large care providers like Brookdale can have thousands of widely distributed networking devices.
  • Pervasive wireless connectivity is especially important for patients residing in long-term care facilities as more elderly patients utilize email and popular Internet applications (such as Skype and Apple’s FaceTime) to stay connected with grandchildren and loved-ones. Aerohive’s secure guest access allows facilities to provide Internet access to residents and guests, while securely walling them off from sensitive medical information to comply with compliance standards.
  • Aerohive’s controller-less architecture allows for easy and cost-effective deployment. These benefits are especially important in distributed environments with no local IT resources and most healthcare facilities must deal with lean IT departments and tight profit margins.
  • To understand Aerohive’s solution for Healthcare, watch this short video:

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“Seamless, wireless connectivity is key to support our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications,” said Chris Fadrowski, senior director of IT infrastructure at Brookdale Senior Living. “It gives us the ability to do bedside support and therapy in many locations, without having to be connected by a wire. Various wireless network vendors offered features we need to support our EMR environment, but only Aerohive provided an intelligent, controller-less solution that was easy to manage and could scale with our growing environment.”

“As a prominent healthcare provider managing more than 400 affiliated physicians and over 2,000 total employees, network downtime is not an option,” said Niall Pariag, senior network administrator at Riverside Health Care System. “We evaluated several network solution providers and Aerohive was the only one that met our requirements 100 percent with better density, coverage and performance. Aerohive’s future-proof technology, central management, built-in security and mobility, better scalability and performance, simpler implementation and management and lower cost of ownership gave us the most bang for our buck.”

“Prior to Aerohive, our network was used to provide simple Wi-Fi access in our offices,” said Scott Daniel, senior network architect at RHA Health Services. "Aerohive has given us the reliability, ease of management, ease of deployment and security we needed to transition into the wireless Electronic Medical Record (EMR) world. With this new functionality, we now have the ability to keep track of our patients’ medication, charts and medical history electronically, saving RHA a significant amount of time and resources.”

About Aerohive Networks
People want to work anywhere; on any device, and IT needs to enable them -- without drowning in complexity or compromising on security, performance, reliability or cost. Aerohive's mission is to Simpli-Fi these enterprise access networks with a cloud-enabled, self-organizing, service-aware, identity-based infrastructure that includes innovative Wi-Fi, VPN, branch routing and switching solutions.

Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. The company's investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Northern Light Venture Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Inc. (NEA) and Institutional Venture Partners (IVP). For more information, please visit, call us at 408-510-6100, follow us on Twitter @Aerohive, subscribe to our blog, join our community or become a fan on our Facebook page.

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