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Aerohive .11ac outdoor wireless access point: Tough enough for the IoT By Gina Narcisi, 12/18/2014
Aerohive's New High-Speed Wireless AP Braves Snow, Rain, Heat by Jennifer Follett, 12/16/2014
Aerohive Intros Ruggedized 802.11ac Access Point for Outdoor Wireless By Rhea Kelly, 12/16/2014
Aerohive and Cloud4Wi offer retailers turnkey customer engagement solution By Zeus Kerravala, 12/10/2014
Aerohive has announced its participation in the ConnectED program, providing Wi-Fi connectivity to included K-12 schools nationwide. by TechTarget, 11/14/2014
Le Wi-Fi peut-il garantir la sécurité de l’Internet des Objets ? by LA Tribune, 11/09/2014
Ist das Internet der Dinge mit WLAN wirklich sicher? by funkschau, 11/04/2014
Aerohive Networks Teams With Apple To Drive Obama's ConnectED Program by CRN, 10/28/2014
Aerohive Tapped for Apple-led ConnectED Effort by MSP Today, 10/28/2014
Les beacons apportent interactivité et personnalisation dans le Tourisme by TOM Travel, 10/23/2014
Universidade mineira cobre campus com Wi-Fi Aerohive by Computerworld, 10/22/2014
Aerohive, Verizon team up for cloud-managed Wi-Fi retail by TechTarget, 10/21/2014
How to Manage the Perfect BYOD Roll-Out by Business Review Europe, 10/06/2014
Simplifying BYO Management by Mobile Enterprise, 10/01/2014
Schools Take Wi-Fi to the Cloud by Steve Zurier, 09/23/2014
Workers rail against poor wireless networks by ABC Technology and Games, 09/18/2014
Aerohive and Radius Networks integrate wireless, iBeacon technology by Gina Narcisi, 09/18/2014
Aerohive Adds iBeacon Support By Lee Badman, 09/10/2014
With Mobility’s Future Hanging on 200-Year-Old Tech (Batteries), Power-Savings Amps Up BY Matthew Gast, 09/10/2014
Aerohive's retail strategy comes full circle with radius partnership By Zeus Kerravala, 09/03/2014
Aerohive Networks Delivers Personalized, Proximity-Based WiFi By Rhea Kelly, 09/03/2014
How Senior Living is Using The Cloud to Improve Care, Security By Cassandra Dowell, 08/26/2014
Daybreak Venture Adding Tablets to Point of Care By Mobile Enterprise, 08/26/2014
Aerohive promises Wi-Fi scalability by ITWire, 08/22/2014
Texan healthcare provider Daybreak Venture deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi By James Atkinson, 08/20/2014
IT setzt Innovationspotenziale frei by Computerwoche, 07/30/2014
Light bulb illuminates WiFi weakness: IOT security needs to improve by SC Magazine, 07/09/2014
How Aerohive is trying to personalize in-store shopping By Zeus Kerravala, 07/08/2014
Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Augmenting Reality: Location, Proximity, and Building Apps By Matthew Gast, 07/07/2014
What to expect from 11ac’s next big deal: multiuser MIMO By John Cox, 07/07/2014
What Iron Man can teach us about future-proofing the Internet of Things By Matthew Gast, 07/03/2014
Tennessee Tech University extends campus WLAN with Aerohive By Gulli Arnason, 06/17/2014
Aerohive Challenging Motorola And HP In Wireless By PETE BARLAS, 06/13/2014
Building Tomorrow's Wireless LAN By CIO Today UK, 05/29/2014
Home Wi-Fi beats enterprise wireless for workers By Smart Chimps, 05/28/2014
Wi-Fi networks are wasting a gigabit—but multi-user beamforming will save the day by Jon Brodkin, 05/20/2014
IT Life: The Wi-Fi Guy Who Flies The Sky By Peter Judge, 05/16/2014
Controller-less WLAN solution helps Swansea pick Aerohive for schools by Alex Scroxton, 05/12/2014
Diocese of San Bernardino Adopts Wi-Fi And Network Management Solution By School CIO, 05/10/2014
Will Wave 2 of 802.11ac minimize Ruckus Wireless' advantage? By Zeus Kerravala, 05/07/2014
Aerohive prepares for a world where everything is connected. By John R. Quain, 04/25/2014
Palm Beach County Upgrades Wi-Fi To Support Digital Learning By Leila Meyer, 04/17/2014
Aerohive's new access points remove deployment barriers By Zeus Kerravala, 04/16/2014
3 things to consider when upgrading WiFi for retail by Sree Kannan, 04/11/2014
Senior Living Community Goes Wireless By Alison Diana, 04/11/2014
Aerohive Intros New Gigabit Access Point By Leila Meyer, 04/09/2014
Aerohive Not Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug By: Mike Kouri, 04/09/2014
Aerohive Intros Money Saving 802.11ac Access Point By James Sullivan, 04/09/2014
Aerohive adds new 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi access point for $799 By Infotech, 04/09/2014
Enterprise WLANs 2014 – A Few More Announcements By Craig Mathias, 04/08/2014
Aerohive Brings New Access Point To Maturing 11ac Market By Lee Badman, 04/08/2014
Aerohive Networks Celebrates IPO on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE New York Stock Exchange, 03/28/2014
Aerohive Networks IPO raises $75 million for mobile-focused networking effort By Jeremy C. Owens, 03/28/2014
Aerohive Networks Inc. (NYSE: HIVE) Celebrates IPO At NYSE: CEO Discusses 'Explosion' Of Digital Learning By Jessica Menton, 03/28/2014
Aerohive Networks struggles to hold IPO price after raising $75M By Cromwell Schubarth, 03/28/2014
There's no bubble in business Wi-Fi, Aerohive CEO says By Stephen Lawson, 03/28/2014
Concerns Arise Over Hot Market for IPOs By Scott Budman, 03/28/2014
Aerohive CEO: Focus On Next Gen Enterprise Mobility By Carl Quintanilla and Kayla Tausche, 03/28/2014
Classifying the Software Stack for the Internet of Things by Matthew Gast, 02/27/2014
Aerohive's Public Education Campaign on the Evolution to Controller-less WLANs By Daniel Brecht, 02/27/2014
Kurt Mills, Vice President, Channel Sales, Aerohive, Sales by CRN, 02/25/2014
Additional Spectrum for Wi-Fi, a Year On by Matthew Gast, 02/10/2014
Aerohive Brings Smarter, Simpler Wi-Fi to Distributed Enterprises by Ashley Dotterweich, 02/05/2014
Aerohive unveils mobile management solution… by James Henderson, 02/03/2014
Aerohive Launches New Cloud-based Mobility Suite by CJ Arlotta, 01/30/2014
Getting Over the Post-holiday BYOD Proliferation Blues by Bob Laliberte, 01/29/2014
Aerohive helps manage mobile devices and Wi-Fi infrastructure together by Gina Narcisi, 01/29/2014
Mobility Management: The Rollup Gains Momentum by Craig Mathias, 01/28/2014
Aerohive launches Mobility Suite for better device management on Wi-Fi networks by James Atkinson, 01/28/2014
Aerohive Announces Mobility Suite for Managing Mobile Devices by Rhea Kelly, 01/28/2014
Aerohive flying high following super strong 2013 by James Henderson, 01/16/2014
The Mobile Enterprise: Prepare for Change – Why a Mobile Second Mindset Pays Dividends by Paul Hennin, 01/10/2014
Controller-less WLAN solution helps Swansea pick Aerohive for schools By Alex Scroxton,


Aerohive ships 500,000th access point By James Henderson, 12/20/2013
Unified Wired & Wireless is More than Management Alone By Manish Desai, 11/27/2013
Top Five Ways Wi-Fi Is Transforming Retail Shopper Experience By Sreekanth Kannan, 11/13/2013
802.11ac: The Bicycle Fix For The Mobile-First Era By Matthew Gast, 11/07/2013
Aerohive AP IAB (In a Bag) By Ben Swaby, 11/07/2013
Get ahead in business with Aerohive’s wireless office By Techday, 11/06/2013
Chain Store Age By Dan Berthiaume, 10/31/2013
Why Hotel WiFi Sucks - And What You Can Do About It By Robert McGarvey, 10/24/2013
802.11ac Wi-Fi Will Emerge Gradually – Aerohive By Peter Judge, 10/18/2013
Using Wi-Fi to Your Advantage: 5 Tips to Get Mobile-Savvy Shoppers to the Checkout Line By Sreekanth Kannan, 10/18/2013
Making Enterprise Mobility Perform By Paul Hennin, 10/16/2013
Aerohive unveils first 802.11ac Wi-Fi products By Techday, 10/03/2013
The Top Trends Inspiring Community Adoption By Hanna J, 10/03/2013
Aerohive delivers Gigabit WiFi with latest access points release By Daniel Robinson, 10/02/2013
Aerohive brings Gigabit to the Hive with 802.11ac By Zeus Kerravala, 10/01/2013
Aerohive Embraces Next-Gen Wireless Standard With New Access Point Line By Kristin Bent, 10/01/2013
Aerohive Throws Hat Into The 802.11ac Ring By Lee Badman, 10/01/2013
Aerohive Rolls Out 2 New 802.11ac Gigabit WiFi Access Points By Leila Meyer, 10/01/2013
Aerohive launches first 802.11ac Wi-Fi products By Wireless Magazine, 10/01/2013
MU-MIMO They're not calling you names, they're speeding up your Wi-Fi! #Aerohive #WFD5 By Jennifer Huber, 10/01/2013
Home Made Drone Beams Wi-Fi By Jesse Emspak, 08/29/2013
‘Everything as a service’ the future for BCS By Ulrika Hedquist, 08/20/2013
802.11ac in Depth: A Day with Matthew Gast By Craig Mathias, 08/19/2013
The Road To Wi-Fi Wellness By Ken Congdon, 08/13/2013
Cloudy With a Chance of Demos By Ryan M. Adzima, 08/09/2013
It's the Bees Knees! By Blake Krone, 08/07/2013
Why 802.11ac Helps Every Network By Matthew Gast, 08/05/2013
Chesterfield County Public Schools of Virginia Chooses Enterprise WLAN By School CIO, 08/05/2013
How to Distinguish Between Cloud-managed and Cloud-controlled Wi-Fi By Manish Desai, 08/05/2013
Higher education must meet demands for 21st Century Wi-Fi networking By Clemmie Robinson, 07/30/2013
The arrival of 1Gigabit Wi-Fi By Wireless Magazine, 07/22/2013
How To Control Applications On Aerohive WLANs By Lee Badman, 07/17/2013
Cloud Infographic: The Adoption Of Cloud Services By Cloudtweaks, 07/15/2013
Next Year, Wi-Fi Routers Become 5G ‘Switches’ By Peter Judge, 07/09/2013
Wireless network trends in healthcare TechTarget, 06/27/2013
A round up of the last year for AeroHive in NZ By Sean Mitchell, 06/07/2013
TMCnet Video interview with Aerohive’s Matthew Gast at Interop Las Vegas 2013 TMCnet Video, 06/03/2013
Mobile First Enterprise – 10 Requirements for Optimizing Your Network for Mobility By Joel Vincent, 05/20/2013
Getting Networked In Church By Dan Daley, 05/15/2013
Marca americana de wi-fi aposta em mercado brasileiro By Maria Carolina De Ré, 05/08/2013
What makes Aerohive wireless so different By Sean Mitchell, 05/06/2013
The Aerohive Wi-Fi school solution By Kenya McCullum, 05/01/2013
Wifi werkt goed voor zelfscan supermarkt By Frans van der Geest, 04/24/2013
Bordeaux : Un Wifi À Double Usage By M. Gérard Ramirez del Villar, 04/12/2013
Putting Customer Communities to Work By Cynthia Clark, 04/08/2013
Bom desempenho graças ao Nordeste By Pedro Melo, 04/05/2013
E23 – Aerohive Switches and HiveManager 6 By No Springs Attached Show, 04/04/2013
Silicon Valley Techies Play April Fool Pranks By NBC, 04/02/2013
Aerohive services available on Apple online stores in Europe By Telecompaper, 03/12/2013
Finding the lazy bee’s – Aerohive’s application visibility and control By WildDev, 03/09/2013
Aerohive vernieuwt aanbod switches en software By Rick Sanders, 03/07/2013
Aerohive Expands WiFi Cloud Management By Sam Churchill, 03/06/2013
Unified wired and wireless: Aerohive switches and revamped HiveManager By Shamus McGillicuddy, 03/06/2013
WhiteGold to distribute Aerohive Networks in Australia By Mike Gee, 03/06/2013
Aerohive Launches Cloud-Managed Switches By Lee H. Badman, 03/05/2013
Aerohive expands cloud network management line By Shaun Nichols, 03/05/2013
Aerohive Is Switching Things Up By The Networking Nerd, 03/05/2013
Les étudiants d’ECE Paris sont connectés en WiFi avec Aerohive By Pascal Caillerez, 03/05/2013
Harvard Square’s Wi-Fi just got better, business association says By Marc Levy, 03/01/2013
Cloud Wi-Fi Could Become Key for Network Management By Paul Rubens, 02/21/2013
Four IT shops, four approaches to BYOD network security By David Geer, 02/13/2013
The Benefits of Cloud Networking By Manish Desai, 01/31/2013
Aerohive Adds Executives, Including New CFO By Chad Berndtson, 01/30/2013
The Consolidation Principal at Work: Aerohive and AirWatch By Craig Mathias, 01/24/2013
Q&A: What the FCC's Wi-Fi expansion means for you By John Cox, 01/23/2013
Wi -Fi Turns Into Retail Spy By Lee H. Badman, 01/23/2013
Q&A: Drakes Supermarkets CIO, Rod Koza By Hamish Barwick, 01/15/2013
Aerohive, Euclid partner on using Wi-Fi to decode shoppers' behavior by John Cox, 01/15/2013
Aerohive Targets Retail Vertical By Eric Krapf, 01/14/2013
Aerohive: soluções Wi-Fi para o mercado corporativo By RTI - Redes, Telecom e instalações, 01/14/2013


3 IPOs You'll Want to Watch for in 2013: Part 2 By John Divine, 12/31/2012
Channel Pro: 2013 Networking and Infrastructure predictions By Will Garside, 12/24/2012
Aerohive’s Kurt Mills Pilots Accelerated Channel By Dave Courbanou, 12/17/2012
Aerohive Networks, iPass Partner on Managed WiFi By CJ Arlotta, 12/06/2012
Aerohive Ready To Flip Meraki Customers, Partners By Chad Berndtson, 12/05/2012
iPass, Aerohive Partner on Managed Solution for Enterprise By Mobile Enterprise, 12/05/2012
UNIMEP adota solução Wi-Fi para atender 8 mil usuários By Mobile time, 11/26/2012
New boom times for WiFi companies By Scott Denne, 11/21/2012
Cisco Competitors Say Meraki Move Makes Them More Attractive By Chad Berndtson, 11/20/2012
More Silicon Valley companies poised to go public as Wall Street's appetite for tech remains keen By Peter Delevett, 11/11/2012
What business can learn from Bruce Bochy By Kathleen Pender, 10/29/2012
Wi-fi corporativo: a solução não está na controladora By Chad Berndtson, 10/17/2012
Fast Private: Aerohive is all the buzz with Wi-Fi solutions by Gloria Wang Shawber, 10/11/2012
'WIFI WORDT HET PRIMAIRE BEDRIJFSNETWERK' By Kristof Van der Stadt, 10/05/2012
Mostrando a cara e a tecnologia By IT Forum, 10/01/2012
Looking for the 'Next Big Thing'? Ranking the Top 50 Start-Ups By Zoran Basich and Emily Maltby, 09/27/2012
Aerohive Gives Away its Bonjour Gateway by Zeus Kerravala, 09/25/2012
Aerohive does an End Run Around Apple's Bonjour Protocol Issues by Lee H. Badman, 09/17/2012
The Daily Start-Up: Aerohive Buzzes With $22.5M Led by IVP Amid Sweet Mobile Connectivity Demand by WSJ, 09/12/2012
Aerohive Buzzes With $22M as Enterprises Get Serious About Wi-Fi by Scott Denne, 09/12/2012
Cloud-based networking startup Aerohive Networks readies for IPO with $22.5M funding grab by Sean Ludwig , 09/11/2012
iPhone 5 and Mobile Device Management: Are You Ready? by CJ Arlotta, 09/09/2012
Enlisting the help of infrastructure to cope with the BYOD explosion By Abigail Strong, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Aerohive Networks, 08/31/2012
Apple users granted greater mobility with Bonjour gateway by Gina Narcisi, 08/29/2012
Tech CEOs’ first jobs: Licorice maker, housekeeper, scuba diver and more By Ann Bednarz, 08/29/2012
Three tools to pinpoint rogue access points by C.J. Mathias, 08/06/2012
Defcon Wi-Fi hack called no threat to enterprise WLANs by John Cox, 08/03/2012
VIRTUAL LAN - Da Aerohive Access Point intelligenti By Office Automation, 08/02/2012
iEverything Enterprise: BYOD Businesses Need to Prepare for Data Overload By CNBC, 08/01/2012
WWDC 2012 Interview: Aerohive By MACNEWS, 07/12/2012
Aerohive anuncia diretor geral para a América Latina By Valor, 07/11/2012
Aerohive chega ao Brasil By Negócios, 07/05/2012
Aerohive inicia atuação no mercado brasileiro By CRN, 07/03/2012
ISTE 2012: Streamlined Access By Brian Nadel, 06/27/2012
Aerohive, JAMF Team For Big Channel Opportunity In Apple MDM By Chad Berndtson, 06/27/2012
Aerohive, JAMF Software Team on MDM for Apple Devices By CJ Arlotta, 06/26/2012
Aerohive Teams With JAMF Software, Cozies Up on Apple iDevice MDM By Lee H. Badman, 06/26/2012
Aerohive, JAMF announce integrated mobile device iOS management By MACNEWS, 06/26/2012
Bonjour Gateway by Aerohive Demoed at WWDC By Jack Grauer, TMCnet Contributing Writer, 06/21/2012
Brookdale Senior Living Implements Enterprisewide Wireless Networking Through Aerohive Networks By Tracey E. Schelmetic, 06/07/2012
L'informatique de... Val Thorens Wi-Fi gratuit sur les pistes de ski! By L'informaticien, 06/03/2012
Stung by a bee… By Blake Krone, 05/30/2012
WiFi’s future: faster, smarter, and fewer cables by Jon Brodkin, 05/19/2012
TMCnet Video interview with Aerohive’s Abigail Strong at Interop Las Vegas 2012 TMCnet Video, 05/16/2012
New Aerohive Router Targets Remote Users with Limited IT Support by Jim Barthold, 04/24/2012
Extending Apple's Bonjour across subnets will help N.C. school system By Matt Hamblen, 04/20/2012
Surf and Ski in Val Thorens - Crystal Ski Digital Journal, 04/19/2012
Aerohive wins WLAN contract with Regent’s College By Tamlin Magee, 04/10/2012
Highest ski resort in Europe connects with free WiFi, 04/03/2012
Aerohive and Bonjour Gateway by Greg Ferro, 03/29/2012
Bonjour Gateway To Make Services Available Across Subnets By Dian Schaffhauser, 03/26/2012
Aerohive's Bonjour Gateway to Power Apple AirPlay and Apple AirPrint across Multi-Subnet Enterprise Networks By Carolyn J Dawson, 03/09/2012
Taming Apple's Bonjour by Lee H. Badman, 03/08/2012
Aerohive Address the BYOD Challenge with a Hearty "Bonjour" by Zeus Kerravala, 03/08/2012
New Gateway Extends Apple Bonjour Service to the Entire Enterprise by Tim Zimmerman, 03/08/2012
Let’s Virtualize Everything by Craig Mathias, 03/06/2012
Aerohive's Bonjour Gateway Tackles Apple-Related BYOD Hassles By Chad Berndtson, 03/06/2012
Aerohive adds enterprise-wide Apple Bonjour support for iPhone and iPad by Daniel Robinson, 03/05/2012
Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway enables long distance iPad and iPhone printing support across enterprise 9 to 5 Mac, 03/05/2012
Mobile Device Management: Service Aware Networks for Apple Devices and BYOD by Joel Vincent, Director of Product Marketing, Aerohive Networks, 03/05/2012
How to Print From iPads Across Your Enterprise By David Strom, Read Write Mobile, 03/05/2012
Aerohive, HMOL, and PPSK - WFD2 by Daniel Cybulskie, 03/04/2012
Aerohive Adds To Distributor Ranks With Computerlinks by Matthew Broersma, 03/01/2012
Aerohive expands distribution with Computerlinks Channel Pro, 02/28/2012
The Cloud Takes on Wi-Fi By Jennifer Zaino, 02/10/2012
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The iEverything Enterprise Understanding and Addressing IT's Dilemma in a World Dominated by Wireless Smart Devices by Joel Vincent, Director of Product Marketing, Aerohive Networks, 01/20/2012
Oxford Brookes U Boosts Wireless Coverage with Controller-Free Architecture by Dian Schaffhauser , 01/13/2012
Oxford Brookes U beefs up WLAN to support explosion in demand for access Cabling Installation & Maintenance, 01/12/2012
UK school deploys WLAN solution School CIO, 01/12/2012
E02 – Wi-Fi Protected Setup, Battered or Broken? No Strings Attached Show, 01/08/2012
Aerohive veut simplifier les accès Wi-Fi par Bertrand Garé, L'Informaticien, 01/06/2012
Modehuis kiest voor naadloos WLAN van Aerohive By TELECOMMAGAZINE - Dutch Article,


2012 Predictions: Networking Part One by Will Garside, 12/21/2011
Aerohive Broadens Networking Focus To Branch, Enterprise Needs By Chad Berndtson, 12/19/2011
Rethink Your Branch Network Strategy By Joel Vincent, Director of Product Marketing, Aerohive Networks, 12/13/2011
Another milestone for 802.11ac and gigabit wireless LANs by Matthew Gast and Praveen Mehrotra, Aerohive Networks, 11/22/2011
Aerohive's $99 Branch Office Offering Is Not A Black Friday Sale by Lee H. Badman, 11/21/2011
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Aerohive Branch on Demand – Bring Your Own Office by The Networking Nerd, 11/17/2011
New Wi-Fi routers, cloud services simplify branch networks By John Cox, Network World, 11/16/2011
Aerohive plans to move branch networks to the cloud By Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service, 11/16/2011
Aerohive unveils Branch on Demand for remote location VPN support Dan Worth, V3, 11/15/2011
Introducing Aerohive Branch on Demand By Greg Ferro, Packet Pushers, 11/15/2011
Aerohive pushes branch networks to cloud By Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service, 11/15/2011
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Según Aerohive los controladores desaparecerán antes de dos años by Cristina López , 11/10/2011
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Aerohive LAN offerings to be distributed by Sektor Patrick Budmar, ARN, 07/14/2011
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Guter WLAN-Empfang auch für Smartphones und Tablet-PCs Stefan Mutschler, LANline, 07/13/2011
Aerohive will Mobilgeräte besser ins Firmennetz einbinden Ralf von Müller,, 07/13/2011
Guter WLAN-Empfang auch für Smartphones und Tablet-PCs by Stefan Mutschler, LANline, 07/13/2011
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Security-Conscious Financial Firm Deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi Mobile Enterprise, 07/11/2011
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Maryland District Supports Student-Supplied Mobile Devices Kerry Sullivan, THE Journal, 07/07/2011
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Schools upgrade wireless LANs for iPad-in-the-classroom programs Shamus McGillicuddy,, 06/02/2011
Spektrumanalyse für Aerohive Access Points by Tec Channel, 06/02/2011
Aerohive Updates for HiveOS 4.0 Marcus Burton, CWNP Wi-Fi blog, 06/01/2011
Authentifizierung und Kontrolle im Wireless-LAN vereinfachen by Ralf Ladner, Funkschau, 06/01/2011
Aerohive updates HiveOS and HiveManager to support iPads and Android devices Dan Worth,, 05/31/2011
Aerohive HiveOS & Hivemanager 4.0 WildDev, WiFi Kiwi's Blog, 05/31/2011
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District boosts network security, mobility with WLAN School CIO, 05/04/2011
California District Ramps Up 802.11n To Support Mobile Learning David Nagel, The Journal, 05/03/2011
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Macaroni Grill Deploys WLAN to 184 Locations Hospitality Technology, 03/23/2011
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Restaurants take different Wi-Fi paths Joanie Wexler, Network World, 03/22/2011
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