The National Portrait Gallery
Aerohive Wi-Fi has been deployed across the Gallery and offices to provide a reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure, to enhance the visitor experience


  • Visitors demand Wi-Fi as a given day and night
  • National Portrait Gallery is a Grade 1 listed building with many controls and regulations


  • Seamless efficient deployment with cloud managed network management
  • Secure reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure enhancing the customer experience

The National Portrait Gallery deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi Solutions

The National Portrait Gallery

About The National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery has chosen Aerohive to deploy its next-generation Wi-Fi networks. The National Portrait Gallery (NPG) holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world.

Attracting over 2 million visitors each year, it houses portraits from 1505 to the present day of people who have contributed to British life and culture.

The Challenge

As visitors increasingly demand Wi-Fi as a given, day and night, and Wi-Fi is seen as hugely important to satisfy the visitor experience at the Gallery, the old system was out of date and could not cope with the increased demands.

The National Portrait Gallery is a Grade 1 listed building in the heart of London with many controls and regulations. As technology evolved, Wi-Fi connectivity transitioned from a nice- to-have to an essential part of their overall technology infrastructure. The National Portrait Gallery received a government grant to replace their old system. Over 60 access points had to be housed and camouflaged to be sympathetic to the historic building design. The cabling infrastructure became a challenge.

The Solution

The National Portrait Gallery evaluated several suppliers and their offerings. Aerohive won the contract through a tender process with Lan3. Aerohive was considered the best solution as cost of ownership was significantly better value than other suppliers and was selected as the preferred solution.

Aerohive Wi-Fi has been deployed across the Gallery and offices to provide a reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure.

The National Portrait Gallery uses Aerohive Wi-Fi for Public visitor Wi-Fi, to enable visitors to roam the Gallery. Via Bluetooth visitors can receive information on some works of art, which enhances the visitor experience.

Staff required Wi-Fi for bring your own device (BYOD) and for auditing when they are away from their desk. Importantly Aerohive Wi-Fi supports the running of the building management system, 24/7 which is critical to control humidity, ensuring all art is kept in the correct conditions.

The new Wi-Fi infrastructure supports the ticketing bar code readers so the checking of tickets can be carried out anywhere within the Gallery space, making paid events easier to facilitate.

Why Aerohive

Aerohive was selected for its Cloud based architecture. “It is an easy-to-configure system with robust wireless access for guest and employee use. It offered better value for money than other systems.


“We like the information it gives us, with reporting daily showing us peaks and troughs and dwell time in the Gallery. We are collecting data on footfall and visitor origin, this is useful when considering site layout for the Gallery, shops and Café.

We are looking into how we can use this data further to innovate in the Gallery,” says Andrew Pope, IT Manager. “We now have seamless coverage across the whole Gallery and offices. The Aerohive solution was easy to deploy, it is easy to maintain and monitor from any third party location. “Andrew Pope, Infrastructure Specialist



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