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Chick-fil-A Serves Up Customer Satisfaction with Wi-Fi

During this webcast, Brad Martin, Sr. Supervisor of Network & Security Engineering at Chick-fil-A, will discuss the Wi-Fi requirements they had for their restaurants. Learn how they deployed a Wi-Fi network across 170 restaurants, with all locations using PoS, while all being centrally managed.

The Cloud’s Impact on the Economics of Branch Office Networking

This unique webinar features Gartner Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Mark Fabbi and it explains how cloud-enabled networking allows full functionality in the branch, enterprise-grade visibility and control in real-time, with the ability to provide automated remediation and security to even the most remote branch or teleworker.

Unified Wired & Wireless Access: Architecting Networks for a Mobile-First World

Architecting networks for a mobile-first world, a world where wireless is assumed to be the primary method of accessing applications, not only prepares IT for the explosive growth of mobile devices and BYOD, it forces organizations to focus on enabling innovative new ways to achieve business and organization productivity without adding excessive complexity or cost with each new initiative. Presented by Gartner Analyst Tim Zimmerman.

Preparing Enterprise Networks for a Wireless Multi-Device World

An explosion of new devices, including smart phones, tablets and video cameras, is flooding enterprise networks and challenging network managers. Listen to this webinar featuring Matthias Machowinski, Directing Analyst, Enterprise Network and Video from Infonetics Research. The webinar explores how device usage is evolving in the enterprise and what steps network managers need to take to prepare for a mobile-first world. 

Gigabit Wireless Networks with 802.11ac

With the development of 802.11ac, wireless LANs surpass the gigabit speed barrier. New protocol features add speed compared to 802.11n, and future developments promise even higher speed. What makes 802.11ac so fast? Author of “802.11ac: A Survival Guide” (O’Reily), Matthew Gast explores how and why it’s posed to become the 802.11 standard of choice and how to incorporate it into your network plans.

Understanding the Network Impact of 802.11ac

With the development of 802.11ac or "Gigabit Wi-Fi", 2014 is set to become the year the WLAN controller comes to an end. Gigabit Wi-Fi provides greater capacity, improved RF management, and overall improved performance over the current Wi-Fi standard (802.11n). However, optimizing your mobile users' application experience requires much more than high-speed Wi-Fi  and choosing a centralized, or legacy controller-based network architecture that will cost you now and into the future. 

Convevoir les reseauz pour la mobile

Sujet du Webinaire

- Etablir des politiques filaires et sans fil
- Fournir une connexion mobile sécurisée et rapide
- Management dans le Cloud ou de chez vous
- L’entreprise « Mobile First » à prix économique

Bygg Nätverk för en Mobile-First Värld

Detta webinar kommer att täcka:
- Etablera enhetlig trådbunden och trådlös policy
- Att ge snabb och säker mobil uppkoppling
- Molnbaserad konfiguration och hantering
- Skapa en kostnadseffektiv mobile first organisation

When to Upgrade to 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi?

With the development of 802.11ac, wireless LANs surpass the gigabit speed barrier. This technology and the personalization of the user mobile experience are shaping how wireless networks are being designed. Join us to hear what Gigabit Wi-Fi really means for your network and how to upgrade at your own pace.

Aerohive’s Controller-less Wi-Fi and Network Management Tool

There's been a lot of talk recently about "controller-less Wi-Fi", and it’s important to understand why a controller-free network has become so appealing. Besides being more cost-effective, secure, scalable and high performing, Aerohive has further simplified enterprise Wi-Fi with a flexible network management system called HiveManager, which eases deployment. Register to attend this webinar to hear the advantages of a controller-less infrastructure and see a live demo of how it all works.

Back to the Basics: WLAN 101

If you are not familiar with wireless LAN (WLAN) technology or if you would like to know more about the basics, join us for this informative webinar. We will discuss:
   – A brief history on WLAN and the Mobile-First generation
   – Migration from 802.11abg to 802.11n to 802.11ac
   – How to future-proof your investment
   – Why cloud enabled is the only way to manage today’s access
   – Live demo of Aerohive’s cloud managed WLAN solution

What Schools Need to Know About the New E-Rate

There are major changes to E-Rate for 2015, which will have a big impact on schools applying for the program. Learn about the new changes to E-Rate for 2015; what these changes mean for your school; and how the Aerohive solution is a great fit for E-Rate applicants. This webinar is presented by Jim Kerr, Principal at E-Rate Profit Werks and Abby Hassel Strong, Director of Product Marketing at Aerohive Networks.

Best Practices for Setting up a WLAN

It is important to understand the needs of the users and the types of devices that will be accessing your WLAN and crucial to understand the capabilities of any WLAN being considered for your network. This webinar will discuss key requirements to consider for a WLAN purchase, the importance of proper planning, and highlight best practices for setting up a WLAN.