Aerohive Networks Introduces Unique Wireless Authentication and Security Solution

Patent-Pending Solution Enables Guest, Legacy, and Hard-to-Manage Clients to Utilize Strong Security and Authentication Without the Cost and Complexity of 802.1X

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 12, 2009 — Aerohive Networks, creators of the award-winning cooperative wireless LAN (WLAN) architecture, today announced the introduction of its Private Pre-Shared Key (Private PSK) solution. Private PSK is a patent-pending encryption and authentication solution that enables guest, legacy, and hard-to-manage wireless LAN clients to utilize strong encryption and authentication without the cost and complexity of WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (802.1X), or where 802.1X is not technically feasible. This solution provides substantially better Wi-Fi security and management than the inadequate WPA/WPA2 Personal (PSK) framework while leveraging existing client investments and reducing operational costs. The Private PSK feature set is integrated into the latest HiveOS 3.3, HiveManager 3.3, and GuestManager 1.1 software and is available now.

Aerohive's Private PSK system generates and manages separate pre-shared keys for every client. This enables multiple users, each with a unique key, to access the same SSID, providing one-to-one authentication and strong encryption. As a result, clients cannot eavesdrop on each other in a Private PSK system, as they can in traditional PSK systems, and network access can be revoked on a per-client basis. Private PSK also enables the implementation of user-based policies. This is a significant advantage over traditional PSK, which can provide only SSID-based policy because all users share the same pre-shared key.

"Today's enterprises recognize the critical need for strong encryption and authentication in their wireless networks, but they often find it impractical or even impossible to implement 802.1X, particularly with guest, legacy, and hard-to-manage wireless LAN clients," said Paul DeBeasi, senior analyst, Burton Group. "It's good to see a vendor like Aerohive tackle this important issue."

"Today, 802.1X is regarded as the gold standard for Wi-Fi security and authentication," said David Flynn, chief executive officer, Aerohive. "Unfortunately, the wholesale migration to 802.1X is inhibited by the cost of upgrading legacy clients, the deployment complexity of 802.1X, and the inability of guest networks to work with it. We expect enterprises to use 802.1X where they can and Private PSK everywhere else, dramatically improving Wi-Fi security and manageability while reducing wireless LAN deployment and operating costs."

Private PSK provides the following benefits:

  • Allows one-to-one authentication and security of legacy clients, e.g., hand scanners, where 802.1X is impossible or infeasible, boosting security without expensive client upgrades
  • Enables role-based policy assignment based upon identity, which is associated with a specific key
  • Avoids the time-consuming certificate configuration required for secure deployment of some Wi-Fi-enabled smart phones and PDAs, e.g., Blackberrys and Nokia S60 phones
  • Simplifies the secure deployment of unmanaged or partially managed laptops, e.g., teachers' laptops
  • Provides secure authenticated guest access, without requiring a captive Web portal, that is easily revoked and does not allow eavesdropping
  • Is integrated with Aerohive HiveManager and GuestManager to simplify the configuration, deployment, and revocation of client access

Aerohive will be showcasing Private PSK and its recently announced Dynamic Airtime Scheduling next week at Interop Las Vegas. Visit Aerohive at booth #2225 for live product demonstrations.

About Aerohive Networks
Aerohive unleashes the potential of enterprise Wi-Fi, enabling customers to stop buying copper, to move applications to the air, and to maximize workforce productivity. The company's award-winning cooperative architecture eliminates costly controllers, saving money and providing unprecedented resiliency, up to 10X better application performance, and an opportunity to start small and expand without limitations. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. The company's investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Northern Light Venture Capital. For more information, please visit or call 408-510-6100.