Network Access Control (NAC)


Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks offers the best solution to enable secure network access for corporate issued and personal mobile devices. The company’s flexible Network Sentry platform is the first network security offering that can automatically identify and profile all devices and all users on a network, providing complete visibility and control. Unlike vendor-specific network security products, Network Sentry provides a view across all brands of network equipment and connecting devices eliminating the network blind spots that can introduce risk. For more information, visit

Aerohive and Bradford Networks

Enabling dynamic network access to the appropriate network resources based on end user profile without needing a client installed on end user devices.

With the explosion of iOS and OS X devices everywhere, improved Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming a critical part of delivering a high-quality Apple device experience. If Wi-Fi connectivity is poor or broken, Apple customers could associate this with the devices they are holding in their hands instead of the real culprit: Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Together Bradford and Aerohive can provide a more powerful network policy and security solution than any single vendor. This joint solution will help enterprises successfully deliver secure network and resource access, application prioritization and security segmentation for corporate issued and personal mobile devices to:

  • Gain enterprise-wide network visibility and access control of all devices on your wire- less and wired networks and VPN
  • Dynamically provision and enforce security, device and network policies
  • Ensure secure guest network access
  • Dynamically profile devices on your network
  • Leverage existing IT investments and network infrastructure
  • Automate security operations
  • Achieve regulatory compliance

Bradford/Aerohive joint solution allows custom security policies to be created and enforced automatically and consistently throughout the network to protect critical data and IT assets, and to ensure compliance with industry and government regulations.



Impulse is the leading provider of Contextual Intelligence™ and network access control solutions in support of BYOD-friendly enterprises. Impulse securely and efficiently automates BYOD by combining our simplified context-aware architecture, remote managed support services and customer-centric business philosophy to enable customer freedom. Our customers know this as the Impulse Experience. The security of more than four million endpoints is entrusted to Impulse. Visit

Aerohive and Impulse

Provide a highly-simplified, automated approach to onboard and secure endpoint devices across the organization — while delivering a superior user experience and minimizing help desk support calls. The solution is equally suited for educational institutions and enterprises.

Together, Aerohive and Impulse provide a consistent experience for your users — that includes user identity persistence across network segments and access points, self-registration for guests, and real-time device security assessment and enforcement. Aerohive’s controller-less architecture in conjunction with SafeConnect’s device-centric access control architecture and remote managed services approach to automating device security management provides an unmatched customer value proposition.

SafeConnect™ for Aerohive offers the following customer benefits:

  • Multi-Vendor Support Across the Organization–Wireless, Wired, VPN
  • Automated BYOD 802.1X-WPA2 Enterprise Secure Onboarding
  • Guest Access and Device Registration Self-Enrollment Services
  • Real-Time Security Assessment and Enforcement for Windows and OS X
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Network-based policy enforcement
  • Contextual Intelligence Publishing–Provides real-time information (who, what, where, when) to 3rd-party firewalls, web content filters, bandwidth managers, and SIEM providers
  • Easier to Deploy and Support–Fewer technical resources required
  • Better User Experience–No IP address/VLAN/Layer2 port changes
  • Real-Time Post-Admission NAC– No need to re-authenticate to check security

24 x 7 x 365 Maintenance and Managed Support Services

All Impulse products come with an industry exclusive and comprehensive hardware and software proactive maintenance program. This includes 24x7 system monitoring; problem determination and resolution technical support; daily remote backups, device type profiling, operating systems, and remediation software updates; overnight hardware replacement and restoration; and no-charge software version and hardware upgrades.

Aerohive and Impulse – A Unique Combination

Aerohive and Impulse deliver a unique industry solution to address the challenges of managing mobile devices in a highly simplified manner that minimizes the technical resources required to deploy and support a secure, high-performance network environment. By combining Aerohive’s controller-less architecture with Impulse’s managed support service approach to automating device security policy management, we created an unmatched offering and value proposition for BYOD centric organizations.

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