AdvantageMSP Program
Leverage the Power of Cloud Networking to Transform how you serve your Customers

Aerohive’s AdvantageMSP program, a two tier extension of Aerohive’s Advantage partner program, delivers channel innovation that increases Aerohive partner service revenue, streamlines operations, and delivers value-add for customers.

The AdvantageMSP program is built on scalable infrastructure, smarter business processes, and new service offerings. Aerohive’s unique Wi-Fi architecture and cloud services provide the platform to deliver a compelling outsourced Wi-Fi service for your customers. Packaged in an innovative MSP program, partners can begin to offer new services and value to customers today, with a clear path to increased service revenue as your MSP business grows.

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Program Summary

Tailor Made MSP Solution

Flexible Deployment

The only enterprise Wi-Fi solution delivered as public (MaaS) or private (WaaS) cloud.

  • Start offering a centralized managed service instantly with Aerohive’s public cloud.
  • As MSP business matures, develop an in-house private cloud that you operate and support.
  • Auto-provisioning of access points and switches makes deployment even easier.
Hierarchical Management

Centrally deploy, report, and support thousands of customers.

  • HiveManager NG optimization for all partner tiers.
  • Single health view of all customers simplifies troubleshooting and improves SLA.
  • Role-based access provides limited network visibility to customers where required.
  • Advanced visibility, reporting, and dashboards.
Lower TCO

Aerohive’s unique architecture is the most scalable enterprise Wi-Fi available.

  • Distributed control eliminates the need for WLAN controller investments.
  • Scale from a single access point, to hundreds of thousands with a single architecture.
  • Lower deployment costs and ongoing TCO.
Business Efficiency

MSP optimized business practices streamline operations (WaaS).

  • Usage Based Billing (UBB) provides flexibility to scale up and down as required, with quarterly billing capturing accurate deployment information to make sure you only pay for what you use.
  • Ability to purchase hardware separate from software prevents partners from being charged licenses for access points and switches that are awaiting deployment.
Value Add Services

Aerohive Cloud Services Platform delivers value beyond connectivity

  • Open API platform enables tailored applications to be developed that provide increased IT and business customer value, leveraging the customers own Wi-Fi network data.
  • Integrates with custom MSP dashboards via API enabling relevant data to be captured in a single location.

A Growing Opportunity

50% of Enterprises expect to outsource core services in the next 3 years.

Outsourced enterprise Wi-Fi management and support enables customers to focus on fueling business growth instead of worrying about day-to-day operations. Aerohive makes it easy for AdvantageMSP partners to start delivering outsourced services for customers today, with a packaged cloud platform, scalable Wi-Fi, and a wealth of management and support tools.

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