AdvantageMSP Program
Leverage the Power of Cloud Networking to Transform how you serve your Customers

The AdvantageMSP program is an extension of the Advantage Partner program. It increases partner service revenue, streamlines operations, and delivers value-add for customers. And with a range of delivery options, we are enabling every authorized channel partner to become a MSP.

The AdvantageMSP program is built on scalable infrastructure, flexible business terms, and a solution portfolio that enable partners to provide fast, secure, reliable enterprise Wi-Fi as a managed service to their end customers. The AdvantageMSP program not only simplifies the management of enterprise Wi-Fi for both customers and partners, but also gives the partner complete flexibility in how they design their MSP Offering. Now partners can offer managed, yet tailored, enterprise Wi-Fi services that best fit their customers’ needs, while differentiating their services and growing their revenue.

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Create a tailored MSP solution

Flexible business terms

All channel partners who sign the MSP addendum to their partner agreement have access to our flexible business terms: partners can purchase network devices and add software licenses later, when and where they are needed. They also decide if they or their customers own hardware and/or software licenses. And they can re-assign devices that they own to different customers to accommodate evolving needs. This flexibility enables partners to optimize their own MSP business model.

Efficient, reliable MSP Delivery Platform


Aerohive’s HiveManager cloud networking platform enables MSPs to provide robust, fast Wi-Fi service, while enabling them to meet and exceed their SLAs. Built-in multi-tenancy makes is easy to manage multiple customer deployments, while our cooperative-control Wi-Fi architecture is resilient, and scales seamlessly to facilitate network expansions for customers, without the need to sell additional controllers periodically.

Upsell opportunities for Resellers 

Partners can start deployments on Aerohive’s Connect solution to provide robust wireless connectivity at an economic pricepoint. As customer needs evolve, partners can add advanced network management functionality with the HiveManager solutions in the Select solution tier, or add Aerohive Insight to enable tailored applications and system integrations that leverage Wi-Fi network data.

Flexible deployment options: cloud or on-premises

The HiveManager network management solution is available as a public cloud or on-premises solution. Partners may use either version to deploy their managed services on. If desired, partners can also offer their customers the choice between running their HiveManager in the cloud or on-premises.

A Growing Opportunity

50% of Enterprises expect to outsource core services in the next 3 years.

Outsourced enterprise Wi-Fi management and support enables customers to focus on fueling business growth instead of worrying about day-to-day operations. Aerohive makes it easy for AdvantageMSP partners to start delivering outsourced services for customers today, with a packaged cloud platform, scalable Wi-Fi, and a wealth of management and support tools.

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