Columbus Vegetable Oils Selects Aerohive Wireless LAN for Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

Aerohive Selected for Value, Industry-Leading Resiliency, Security, and Ease of Management; Hand-Held Wireless Scanners to Streamline and Automate Inventory and Order-Fulfillment Processes

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 16, 2008 — Aerohive Networks, the award-winning creators of the controller-less "cooperative control" wireless LAN (WLAN) architecture, today announced that Columbus Vegetable Oils, a packaged-food processing company that ships more than one million pounds of product per day, has selected Aerohive's wireless LAN solution for its eight-and-one-half-acre manufacturing and warehouse facilities. The new wireless LAN supports laptop computers, Wi-Fi-enabled cell phones, and hand-held wireless scanners that streamline and automate the company's mission-critical inventory and order-fulfillment processes. Columbus Vegetable Oils selected Aerohive over Motorola and Cisco on the basis of Aerohive's better value and the resiliency, security, and advanced features of the Aerohive wireless LAN. An in-depth case study of Columbus Vegetable Oils' selection and deployment of the Aerohive solution is available at

Controller-Less Wireless LAN Architecture Drives Cost Down
Aerohive's innovative cooperative control wireless LANs eliminate the need for costly wireless controllers by distributing the control functionality and data forwarding to every Aerohive access point (HiveAP). Columbus Vegetable Oils found that with other vendors, controllers accounted for 75% of the total equipment cost of a resilient wireless LAN deployment.

Industry-Leading Resiliency
Columbus Vegetable Oils required a highly reliable wireless LAN to avoid costly downtime of its new inventory and order-fulfillment system. Aerohive's wireless LANs eliminate controllers as single points of network failure, increasing resiliency. Aerohive's built-in mesh networking capability also increases network resiliency with "dynamic mesh failover", which automatically routes network traffic around failures in the wired network.

Safety and Security
Columbus Vegetable Oils' wireless LAN covers the company's entire eight-and-one-half-acre warehouse, exposing the company to the risk of "drive-by" access by intruders. Aerohive's cooperative control architecture and the HiveAPs provide the required security, with features such as 802.11i (WPA2), 802.1X authentication, wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS), and rogue AP detection. HiveAPs also integrate easily with third-party solutions, such as Network Access Control systems, that enforce endpoint compliance checking. In addition, an integrated firewall in every HiveAP ensures immediate response to security threats.

Ease of Deployment and Management with HiveManager
As Columbus Vegetable Oils connects each new HiveAP to its network, Aerohive's HiveManager Network Management System (NMS) automatically detects it and pushes configuration settings and policies to it for a seamless plug-and-play installation. The HiveManager also provides ongoing management via a single, user-friendly, GUI-based console.

"All the products we evaluated provided wireless connectivity, but the resiliency, security, and advanced features of the Aerohive solution put it at the top," said David Hodapp, IT director, Columbus Vegetable Oils. "Our initial contact with the people from Aerohive and their value added reseller, Synapse Networks, gave them a very big edge, as well."

"In today's challenging economic environment, the cost savings that Aerohive delivers are attractive to every enterprise investing in wireless LAN equipment," said Sheen Khoury, executive vice president, sales and field operations, Aerohive Networks. "However, Aerohive is also a best-of-breed provider of key wireless LAN capabilities, including resiliency, security, and network management."

In the future, Columbus Vegetable Oils may deploy voice over IP (VoIP) on the wireless LAN, which is fully supported by Aerohive. Aerohive also already supports the higher-bandwidth 802.11n protocol, providing Columbus Vegetable Oils with additional future deployment flexibility.

About Aerohive Networks
Aerohive Networks' cooperative control enterprise wireless LAN architecture provides all the management, mobility, and security of controller-based architectures without the cost, capacity, performance, and availability issues associated with controller deployments. The architecture also scales easily to support 802.11n. In addition, Aerohive solutions provide the reliability and scalability necessary for mission-critical networks and are optimized for voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) applications. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. The company's investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Northern Light Venture Capital. For more information, please visit or call 408-510-6100.