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Cloud-enabled, distributed control architecture that grows as you do

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At Aerohive, we believe that every Access Point is a starting point.

Distributed Control, Centralized Management

High Performance .11ac, Unlimited Scale, & Resilient Mobility

  • Self-organizing access points that eliminate single points of failure
  • Effortlessly grow from a single access point, to hundreds of thousands
  • Easily manage and support thousands of access points from a single, cloud-based management platform 

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Explore the portfolio of Aerohive's indoor and outdoor wireless access points.

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Contextualized Performance Management

Shape User, Device, and Application Traffic

  • Maximize your 802.11ac performance
  • Prevent guest or BYOD devices from occupying all of the bandwidth 
  • Limit bandwidth hungry apps such as OS or anti-virus updates 
  • Restrict unwanted traffic including torrents, and prioritize latency sensitive traffic such as voice and video 

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