HiveSchool Connected Learning Application

HiveSchool is a connected learning application that lets teachers provide an engaging, collaborative and effective learning experience for their students.

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Today’s digital classrooms present a plethora of new opportunities for teachers, but also poses challenges in leveraging new technologies in the teaching environment. Aerohive’s HiveSchool application helps address these challenges. It enhances teachers’ use of modern classroom technology to let them provide an engaging, collaborative and effective learning experience. The application enables teachers to present digital content to the class, monitor student activity, keep students on task and assign a variety of learning resources. Designed for ease of use, it requires only a very short learning curve for teachers and students.


  • Presents digital content to the class - from the teacher’s or a student’s computer.
  • Live view of student screens, to monitor student activity.
  • Lets teachers control student activity to keep the class on task.
  • Easy management of teaching resources
  • Visual, intuitive class dashboard
  • Key Features

    • Management Features: create a class, automatic and manual onboarding of students, lock/unlock class, end class
    • Collaboration Features: content sharing from the teacher’s computer or from an assigned student’s computer
    • Control Features (on Chromebooks): remote closing of browser tabs on student computers, locking students into an assigned resource (focus mode), closing of open tabs on student login, lock single student or all students
    • Teaching Resource Management: Selecting and saving teaching resources, assigning resources to class, focus mode on a single resource
    • Reporting: Reports of visited URLs during class

  • Supported Computing Platforms

    • Chromebooks (recommended), Macbooks, Windows, or Linux computers

  • Prerequisites

    • Chrome browser installed on student and teacher computer
    • HiveSchool requires Google Apps Domain
    • Distribution of HiveSchool extensions to student and teacher computers is recommended via Chromebook Management Console

  • Supported Languages

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
    • Swedish
    • Finnish
    • Japanese
    • Chinese (simplified, traditional)
    • Korean

  • Availability

    • March 2016

  • Datasheet


    HiveSchool Application Datasheet (441 KB)

  • Guides


    Aerohive Education Buyers Guide (2 MB)

  • Solutions Brief


    HiveSchool Infographic (375 KB)

  • HiveSchool Help


    HiveSchool Technical Documentation

  • Download

    HiveSchool FAQ

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Features & Benefits

Sharing Teaching Content with the Class

Sharing Teaching Content with the Class

  • Teachers can present digital content to students directly from their laptops. The students follow the content on their screens.
  • Alternatively, the teacher can designate a student to present, which enables students to learn from each other.
  • Teaching resources can be easily added to the HiveSchool folder and made available to students.
  • Sharing and control features enable a collaborative, productive learning experience.
  • Supports a variety of content formats. Teaching resources and class content can be located on the internet or on the school network.
Monitoring and Controlling Student Activity

Monitoring and Controlling Student Activity

  • Teachers can view student screens in real time, directly from their computer. Tiled views are supported for a quick overview, or the teacher can zoom in on individual student screens.
  • Live views enable tracking progress of assigned tasks and ensure that students do not engage in other activities.
  • With the view screens feature, teachers can remotely close browser tabs on student computers or lock their screen to keep them on task.
  • Other control features include focusing students on a single teaching resource or closing browser tabs on student login.
  • The reporting feature lets teachers review URLs visited during class.
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Easy Management of the Class

  • Visual, intuitive class dashboard gives a quick overview of the class roster, for present and missing students.
  • Easy, two-step sign-in process for students and teachers.
  • HiveSchool leverages the existing Apps Domain credentials to sign students and teachers into the class – new new sign-ons or accounts are needed.
  • One-time setup of classes: the intuitive class dashboard is automatically populated as students sign into the class for the first time. Once all are present, the teacher locks the class and the roster will persist though the school year.
  • Additional class management features are easily accessible via a menu and include manual onboarding of students, locking, unlocking, and ending of class.

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