Cloud-enabled Self-Service Access Management | ID Manager

ID Manager enables secure, profile-based network access for employee and guest devices, while reducing IT workload and help-desk calls

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ID Manager is the first cloud-enabled access system designed specifically to simplify and provide self-service onboarding of guest and employee personal devices to the enterprise network. It simplifies onboarding by combining industry-leading authentication integration with the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform to eliminate the need for any additional hardware or software to deliver a scalable, simple-to-administer enterprise access management solution that streamlines the onboarding of visitors and employee personal devices (BYOD). Whether required at a single site or over a globally distributed, multi-lingual company, ID Manager’s cloud-enabled flexibility and simplicity provide a complete solution for every site.


  • Powerful BYOD support helps reduce IT workload
  • Self-Service Mobility supports employee-administered workflows
  • Unique Private Pre-Shared Keys (PPSK) for secure, personalized management of employee personal and guest devices
  • Self-Registration via Kiosk or Personal Mobile Device

    Self-service portal using HTML5 that is presented via a simple web browser • Kiosk in lobby site can be used by guests to self-register • Employees and visitors can use their own personal mobile devices to self-register through a captive web portal • Secure credentials are forwarded by either SMS, email, directly on the screen, or Twitter direct message • Leverages the same Aerohive HiveManager used to manage Aerohive devices to set the access policies, including encryption, time until expiration, and device profiles • ID Manager even includes automatic localization into nearly a dozen languages

  • Secure and Personalized Management and Control

    ID Manager uses the Aerohive Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) technology, which enables complete, individualized management and control without the hassle of certificates or specialized client configuration. • Individual keys that bridge the gap between certificates and the most common type of Wi-Fi network, Pre-Shared Key • Increased security without incurring the overhead and increased support burden of certificates

  • Cloud-Enabled, Single Infrastructure

    Aerohive’s access points presently provide industry-leading authentication services and integration with existing active directory services. ID Manager leverages this capability of existing access points and creates an authentication-specific VPN between the Aerohive devices and the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform to instantly authorize enterprise visitors anywhere in the world. • Multiple secure access profiles – from short-term guests to fully-secure employee BYOD or personal devices • No additional hardware or software to install or maintain

  • Security

    Unique credentials per user • Private PSK enables secure network access with per-device encryption keys • Support for customized multiple guest classes • Customizable account lifetimes • Authentication interface • RadSec (RFC 6614) support for secure transport of authentication requests across the internet • RADIUS for third-party network access clients • Anonymous Access: Enforce data caps or time limits on guest users, applies to all guests on an SSID

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Features & Benefits

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Self-Service Mobility

  • Manages secure, profile-based access for thousands of users anywhere in the world
  • Integrates existing RADIUS authentication systems to streamline deployments and meet compliance mandates
  • Allow employees to sponsor VIP guests or their own personal devices by creating accounts individually or in groups
  • Credentials can be securely delivered by SMS to any mobile device, anywhere in the world
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Secure, Personalized Management and Control

  • Individual keys that bridge the gap between certificates and the most common type of Wi-Fi network, Pre-Shared Key
  • Increased security without incurring the overhead and increased support burden of certificates
  • Automatically updated with the latest security features
  • Profiles are fully configurable, allowing IT to determine not only where the device can access the network but when and for how long
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Increased Visibility

  • Audit log of successful and failed authentication requests
  • Track user data transfer
  • Monitor administrative activity
  • Session time tracker

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