The Aerohive TeacherView classroom wireless access application is a simple-to-use web interface that provides classroom status to a teacher at login – without requiring the teacher to pre-configure any parameters.

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The graphical display quickly shows the client health of all the classroom computers, and enables a teacher to view the online resources students are accessing. The teacher can also enable or disable access to the Internet and the local student network, as well as redirect students to a specific online web resource.


  • Powerful Classroom Monitoring and Management
  • Simple Non-technical Interface for Classroom Administrators
  • Student Device Wi-Fi Health Monitoring
  • Enable/Disable Access to the Internet and School Network
  • Host Platform Minimum Hardware:

    • Processor: Dual Core 2GHz or Better • Memory: 2GB dedicated to VM, at least 1GB dedicated to the host • Disk: Min. of 10GB dedicated to VM • VMware may impose additional requirements

  • Tested Virtualization Platforms

    • ESXi 4.0 or better • Player on CentOS • Player on Windows Vista

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