Client Management Cloud-Enabled Onboarding and Device Control Application

Aerohive's client management delivers a cloud-enabled, comprehensive solution to address the iEverything explosion by combining device configuration, management, and monitoring with policy-based network access and an employee self-service portal into a single product for companies desiring to support BYOD in conjunction with CID (company-issued devices).

Client Management allows an administrator to clearly differentiate between issued devices and BYOD, giving them the additional layer of context necessary to create granular policies and controls for a mobile first enterprise. Client Management greatly reduces the burden for onboarding Corporate-Issued and BYO devices by auto-provisioning clients with secure profiles, which helps transform the network into a platform for mobility.




Features & Benefits

Cloud-Enabled, Single Infrastructure

  • No additional hardware or software to install or maintain
  • Can be upgraded automatically with latest features and functionality

Client Auto-Provisioning

  • Automatically create and install a unique certificate or PPSK for iOS, OS X, Android, and Chrome
  • Provision wired and wireless connection info, device certificates, and even advanced settings like VPN and LDAP configurations

Customizable Enrollment Portal

  • Completely customized self-service captive web portal
  • Helps reduce Helpdesk costs by offloading the onboarding process

Integrated Certificate Authority

  • Automates certificate generation, distribution, validation, and revocation
  • Unique credentials differentiate similar devices on the network


  • Number of devices enrolled
  • Type of device and operating system version
  • Audit log for monitoring user and administrator activity