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HiveManager Network Management System

HiveManager Network Management System (NMS) can scale from a small, basic network to cover a larger, complex network with seamless upgradeability and simplicity. The Aerohive HiveManager NMS architecture allows administrators to deploy networks and maintain constant visibility and control, all enabled by a powerful cloud or on-premises platform and ecosystem that tie connectivity, insight, and applications together. In today’s world, being able to access, control, and troubleshoot your mobility infrastructure from anywhere is not only possible, but required.

HiveManager NG

HiveManager NG is Aerohive’s next generation enterprise-class cloud-enabled network management solution. The HiveManager NG NMS provides a completely flexible and extensible platform for enabling a next-generation network focused on mobility.

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5 Reasons to Choose Aerohive for Cloud Networking

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5 Reasons Why Aerohive for Cloud Networking

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