BR100 Branch Router

The Aerohive BR100 packs “work anywhere” mobility, enterprise routing, and security into one compact device.

Administrators need only set up a single configuration for remote devices via the familiar HiveManager interface; when the BR100 branch router is plugged in, it discovers the HiveManager automatically, and configuration is pushed to it. The BR100 enables administrators to run a thousand remote office VPNs as easily as a single location.

In addition to 802.11n WiFi, the BR100 supports multiple SSIDs and VLANs shared across wired and wireless interfaces, which can be configured in a number of ways to handle any small office/teleworker requirements. One SSID can be dedicated for employee access using 802.1X, for example, while another is used for guest access where devices are using a pre-shared key. Four 10/100 LAN ports are also configurable and can share a VLAN with a wireless SSID, as well as be protected by a Captive Web Portal or 802.1X.

The BR100 can be provisioned in several different ways, for maximum convenience and cost effectiveness. Organizations may choose to purchase the BR100 outright, and deploy/manage the devices as usual. Or the BR100 can be enabled via the innovative Branch on Demand. This subscription includes the BR100 support and a subscription to Aerohive’s HiveManager Online, for the ultimate in flexibility.

Since most of the traffic generated at branch or remote locations is destined for the Internet, Aerohive’s patent-pending Cloud Proxy automatically diverts that traffic through a cloud-based web security service, vastly reducing bandwidth costs by eliminating the need to route branch, remote office or mobile-user traffic back to a central location for filtering.

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Features & Benefits

Layer 3 IPSec VPN

  • Enables remote users to connect authenticated devices to corporate resources
  • Eliminates the need for IPSec or SSL VPN software on each device

Wired/Wireless Access and Control

  • Single centralized management console guarantees identical security, identity, and network access policy across wireless or wired ports

Cloud Proxy

  • Patent-pending Cloud Proxy automatically diverts Internet-bound HTTP traffic through cloud-based web security service
  • Reduces bandwidth cost

Network Flow-based Stateful Firewall

  • Enforces policy at the network level via a combination of user identity and very granular mobile device management.
  • Access based on who they are and the type of device that they are using.

Network-as-a-Service Offering

  • One year subscription enables flexible deployment of branch routers without CAPEX