Bonjour Gateway

Enable Apple Bonjour services instantly in any enterprise.


Aerohive’s Bonjour Gateway is design to vastly simplify the support of Apple compatible devices in the enterprise. Of all the solutions available for supporting Bonjour, only the Virtual Bonjour Gateway offers innovative multi-vendor integration, enterprise class control features, and the simplicity of running on a standard VMWare environment.

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Features & Benefits

Bonjour Gateway


Plug and Play

  • Simple, company-wide guided policy configuration
  • One user-type per SSID
  • Supports Aerohive access points only

Multi Vendor

  • Deploy in your network without making any change
  • Vendor agnostic solution
  • Virtualized form factor facilitates deployment within your IT environment

Granular Controls

  • Provides filters for controlling services allowed
  • Optimized scanning on selected VLAN’s


  • Central web-based management via HiveManager Online
  • Optional CLI configuration
  • Monitoring & service visibility

Privacy and Resilency

  • Cloud-based management monitoring but no collection of customer’s traffic
  • Ensure IT privacy control policies