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  • 2-minute video: Personalized Engagement Platform for Retailers

    In less than two minutes, learn how retailers can use Aerohive’s Wi-Fi solutions to improve their customers’ experience.

  • 2-minute video: Aerohive’s Wi-Fi Solution for Enterprises

    Learn in less than 2 minutes how the distributed, scalable Aerohive architecture has been optimized to meet the requirements of enterprises.

  • 2-minute video: Branch on Demand

    As companies look to extending corporate capabilities to remote offices and teleworkers, the added infrastructure and complexity can greatly increase costs and burden on IT administrators. The Aerohive Branch on Demand solution makes it easy to deploy full security and service of your corporate network to employees anywhere, while reducing operational costs & time to deployment. View this two minute video on how Branch on Demand can get branch offices and teleworkers connected easily.

  • 2-minute video: Education Solution

    Take 2 minutes to learn more about Aerohive's solutions for the Education vertical.

  • 2-minute video: Education Solution with HiveSchool

    Aerohive’s mobility platform for education uses the power of cloud networking to simplify operations and deliver customized applications and insights for increased IT and curriculum value, built on a foundation of scalable and reliable Wi-Fi. Aerohive Networks enables educational institutions to simply and confidently connect to the information, applications, and insights they need to deliver a superior learning experience.

  • 2-minute video: Wi-Fi Explainer

    Providing wireless for more people and more devices in more places requires making an entire platform for mobility. Choosing the wrong network solution can introduce an inflexible, non-scalable, complex architecture that requires excessive resources to address your needs.Take 2 minutes to see how Aerohive's distributed architecture, known as the Cooperative Control architecture, simplifies deploying a robust, redundant, highly-secure, and future proof platform for mobility.

  • 2016 EDU Buyer's Guide

    The goal of this guide is to help you to define what your organization really needs and wants from its Wi-Fi investment, and then help you to identify the gear that meets your requirements, without compromise.

  • 2016 Interactive WLAN Evaluation Checklist

    Evaluating vendor Wi-Fi solutions for your organization in 2016 involves multiple considerations that span the gamut from range and coverage through reliability, ease of administration, enterprise grade security, and business insights and applications. Use this checklist to ensure that you are considering a Wi-Fi solution that will meet both IT needs and business considerations for your organization.

  • 2016 WLAN Buyer’s Guide: The Definitive Guide for Enterprise WLAN Networks

    Get armed with the knowledge needed to navigate through the marketing hype and determine what is actually the appropriate solution for your organization through 2016 and beyond. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive view of the performance, security, and management capabilities of today’s enterprise WLAN solutions, and provide an insight into how Wi-Fi, Cloud, & Applications can help your organization transform the connected experience and fuel business growth.

  • 5 Guidelines For Retailers To Create A Personalized Engagement Platform

    Retailers want the ability to provide a modern and compelling in-store experience to customers with personalized recommendations, simplified buying, and faster customer service. Technology opens up exciting possibilities for retailers, providing opportunities to deliver better customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage by driving conversion, increasing spend and encouraging repeat visits and loyalty. This paper looks at the latest innovations and provides five guidelines for transforming retail stores into a personalized engagement platform.

  • 5 Reasons to Choose Aerohive for Cloud Networking - David Greene

    If you are considering cloud networking, congratulations on taking the first step toward a more reliable, more scalable, and easier to manage wireless network. Hear from David Greene, Aerohive CMO, on the top 5 reasons Aerohive is your best solution for your cloud networking needs regardless of size, sites and locations globally.

  • 5 Reasons to Choose Aerohive Wi-Fi - Abby Strong

    Aerohive was the first Wi-Fi vendor to introduce cooperative control access points. This core functionality allowed Aerohive to build the foundation of great Wi-Fi. One Aerohive access point can be a fully featured enterprise network with context-based access security, application firewall and integrated performance optimization. Hear from Abby Strong, Aerohive’s Director of Product Marketing, on the top 5 reasons you should choose Aerohive’s simple, scalable and secure Wi-Fi solution to power your connected experience.

  • 7-Eleven Stores, Oklahoma City Case Study

    Aerohive Cooperative Control Wireless LAN Brings Convenience Store Chain Unparalleled Network Management and Cost Savings

  • 802.11ac Video Series - 802.11ac vs. 802.11n

    See how 802.11ac compares with 802.11n. While the standards for 802.11ac were being created, the engineers had the benefit of lessons learned from 802.11n. In this video, Matthew Gast looks at differences in usage of Wi-Fi spectrum, speed gains with 802.11ac and provides an overview on Multi-User MIMO.

  • 802.11ac Video Series - Beamforming

    It has been said that the motivating force behind the creation of 802.11ac is Multi-User MIMO, which depends upon beamforming. This sixth video looks at two types of beamforming -- single user and multi user, and the distinctions between the two. Matthew will discuss how beamforming works, how 802.11ac beamforming is different, and what it means for the future of Multi-User MIMO.

  • 802.11ac Video Series - Channels

    Learn about Wi-Fi channel planning with 802.11ac. Matthew Gast discusses the use of 80MHz channel width and will touch on the decision made by the FCC early in 2012 regarding additional spectrum being available.

  • 802.11ac Video Series - How to Plan Your Network

    As you plan your move to 802.11ac, Matthew Gast highlights the importance of knowing what devices you expect to be connecting to the network and the policies you want to enable for them. He also emphasizes the importance of deciding which areas in your network can benefit the most from 802.11ac, due to increased performance.

  • 802.11ac Video Series - Modulation

    See how 802.11ac makes use of faster modulation techniques. Aerohive's Matthew Gast discusses 256-QAM modulation, how it works and what it means for increased speed, along with the radio performance that is needed.

  • 802.11ac Video Series - Multi-User Mimo

    Matthew Gast talks about Multi-User MIMO, which is expected to come out in the second wave of 802.11ac access points. Multi-User MIMO depends critically on beamforming -- the topic of our previous video in the series. After discussing 802.11ac beamforming, Matthew discusses how Multi-User MIMO works and what you can expect from it.

  • 802.11ac Video Series - Reaches for the Top

    Aerohive's Matthew Gast, author of "802.11ac: A Survival Guide" (O'Reilly), will be speaking at Interop this October, in a session titled "802.11ac Reaches for the Top." In this video, Matthew hints at what will be discussed in that session, and why he wears shades.

  • 802.11ac: The Network Impact Whitepaper

    Two significant industry trends are converging, and the result will greatly affect how wireless networks are designed. The first trend is high-speed Wi-Fi technology, based on the 802.11ac protocol. This protocol supports data rates to 1Gbps and beyond. The second trend is the need for personalizing users’ mobile experiences to deliver anytime, anywhere access without wreaking havoc on network operations and cost controls.

  • 802.11n Technology Whitepaper

    In less than a decade, wireless LANs have evolved from a niche technology useable only by a few specialized applications to the default media of choice for millions of businesses and consumers. And WLANs continue to evolve. The latest generation of high-speed wireless LAN technology, based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Draft 802.11n standard, are now becoming available.

  • A Practical Approach to Wireless 2.0 Whitepaper

    Creating “Wi-Fi that works”, even with minimal requirements, is a tall order given the breadth of client and application types that must perform well over the wireless infrastructure, but when adding in the speed and complexity of 802.11n, a variety of demanding applications, high-density environments, and tricky deployment scenarios, controller-based vendors cannot live up to their promises of Ethernet-like determinism.

  • A-Katsastus Group Case Study

    Aerohive Drives A-Katsastus Operations In Sweden

  • Acuity Brands Lighting Case Study

    Upgrade from Autonomous APs to Support Next Generation Wireless LAN Services

  • Advantages of 5GHz and How Software Selectable Radios Can Improve Capacity & Future-proof Your Wi-Fi

  • Aerohive 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Dual Band MIMO Sector Antenna 120° Datasheet

    The Aerohive dual band MIMO sector antenna is ideal for covering specific areas over a prescribed angle 120 °.

  • Aerohive 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Dual Band MIMO Sector Antenna 60° Datasheet

    The Aerohive dual band MIMO sector antenna is ideal for covering specific areas over a prescribed angle 60 °.

  • Aerohive 802.11ac Access Points At-a-Glance

    Aerohive 802.11ac Access Points At-a-Glance

  • Aerohive 802.11n Access Points At-a-Glance

    Aerohive 802.11n Access Points At-a-Glance

  • Aerohive AAA’s of Differentiation

    This one-page document describes three major “A” differentiators in the Aerohive HiveOS operating system – Architecture, Application Visibility, and Authentication.

  • Aerohive Access Points Matrix

    Explore the portfolio of Aerohive's indoor and outdoor wireless access points.

  • Aerohive and Cloud4Wi: Transform the In-Store Experience

    The Aerohive and Cloud4Wi solution allows retailers to quickly and easily offer more value from their guest Wi-Fi and maximize the return on investment by enhancing the online customer experience, creating effective proximity marketing and couponing campaigns, spreading their brand on social media, and learning more about consume online behavior and preferences.

  • Aerohive and Cloud4Wi: Transforming the Connected Experience for Retail

    Aerohive and Cloud4Wi have partnered together to provide retailers with a powerful Wi-Fi solution to implement omnichannel retailing and engage with customers more quickly and easily.

  • Aerohive and Impulse

    Aerohive and Impulse deliver a unique industry solution to address the challenges of managing mobile devices in a highly simplified manner that minimizes the technical resources required to deploy and support a secure, high-performance network environment.

  • Aerohive and JAMF Software

    Aerohive and JAMF Software allow administrators to increase efficiency and productivity when managing mobile devices in schools and enterprises by enabling control and containment of mobile devices, forced enrollment and re-enrollment for mobile device profiles, inventory management, app and eBook distribution, and security policy enforcement.

  • Aerohive and OpenDNS

    Aerohive and OpenDNS together allow an administrator to define policies that provide retail stores’ users with HQ-like levels of protection against Internet-borne threats, unwanted or illicit content, and productivity-sapping web sites and services, while allowing mission-critical, known-good traffic destined for approved sites to be whitelisted from the filtering service.

  • Aerohive and Websense

    Protecting your business requires security for all users and devices connected to your network, regardless of their location. Combining Aerohive and Websense provides best-in-class Wi-Fi and web security to ensure your business is protected against modern malware and web threats.

  • Aerohive Corporate Brochure

    Aerohive is a innovative enterprise mobility company. Aerohive provides a complete wireless and wired solution for today's mobile-first enterprise.

  • Aerohive Endless Aisle Application

    The Aerohive Endless Aisle Mobile App, powered by Magnet Systems, Inc., brings concierge-level mobile shopping experiences to consumers. Whether the consumers are in boutiques, department stores, or malls, they can access merchandise information at their fingertips and easily engage store personnel to get answers to their questions. Retailers can also now track consumer engagement and instantly obtain important information about their customers.

  • Aerohive Free Wi-Fi Planner Tool with Google Maps Integration

    In this 12 minute video, learn how to plan a Wi-Fi deployment in no time using Aerohive's free web-based planning tool with Google Maps Integration. If you do not have an accurate floor plan available that is OK. Within the Wi-Fi planning tool, you can create a floor plan of your buillding by tracing the perimeter of your building in google maps.

  • Aerohive HivePass

    The Aerohive HivePass solution leverages applications already installed on most mobile devices. Retailers can easily create, modify, and optimize passes that deliver whatever the desired experience is, without the effort and expense of developing a custom loyalty application.

  • Aerohive HiveSchool Demo at ISTE 2015

    Aerohive’s HiveSchool was selected by Tech & Learning as Best of Show at ISTE 2015. HiveSchool is a connected learning application that helps teachers use modern classroom technologies to provide engaging, collaborative, and effective learning experiences for students. HiveSchool’s simple management makes it easy to bring HiveSchool into the classroom, an example of Aerohive’s commitment to providing effective and innovative K-12 education solutions.

  • Aerohive iBeacon Integration

    Aerohive’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi infrastructure optimizes how Radius Networks’ RadBeacons – powered by iBeacon and AltBeacon technology – are deployed and managed in increasingly complex retail, education, hospitality and healthcare environments.

  • Aerohive K-12 Education Deployment Guide

    Fill out the form to download our four part Deployment Guide. Each part is a fairly short topic that develops an extended example running throughout the series. Along the way there are numerous tips, suggestions, and alternative approaches.

  • Aerohive Mobility Suite

    The Mobility Suite delivers simplified enterprise networking and personalized mobility with a complete cloud-enabled mobility management solution that extends visibility and control to the very edge of the network – the connected mobile devices – by making them part of the Hive.

  • Aerohive Overview Product Brief

    Aerohive is a cloud networking company that provides comprehensive access solutions to organizations requiring wireless and mobile access to applications. Aerohive wired and wireless LAN solutions deliver secure, mobility optimized, enterprise-class access to every site—from a large campus or headquarters to remote branches and single teleworker offices – with consistent, predictable service, maximum security, and is optimized for application reliability.

  • Aerohive Personal Device Access and Guest Access

    Aerohive's next generation of solutions for managing personal and guest devices in enterprises and large education organizations

  • Aerohive Personal Engagement Ecosystem

    The Aerohive Personalized Engagement Platform is the only solution built to enable a next-generation retail experience that uniquely engages customers and buildsmeaningful relationships with a brand. This will allow retailers to monetize all resources available in their stores. Aerohive and the powerful ecosystem of partners empowerretailers to tie connectivity, insight, and applications together to optimize their business.

  • Aerohive Private PSK Solution Brief

    Because 802.1X requires the installation of a software client, it is difficult or impossible to use on unmanaged devices not owned by the enterprise, such as those of guests, students, subcontractors or the like. Aerohive’s patent-pending Private PSK provides the ease of PSK with many of the advantages of 802.1X solutions.

  • Aerohive ranks 5th on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 in 2012

    Aerohive ranks 5th on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 in 2012. Aerohive was recognized by Deloitte as the Fourth Fastest Growing Communications/Networking Company for 2013 in North America

  • Aerohive Retail Analytics Solution Brief

    The Aerohive Retail Analytics solution leverages Euclid Analytics’ analysis technology and Aerohive’s Cloud Services Platform to enable offline retailers to optimize and improve their business with metrics and insights only previously available to online retailers. Retailers can now understand an array of metrics about customer behavior and begin to tie that behavior to purchasing habits to optimize their business operations without adding anything beyond their standard in-store Wi-Fi infrastructure.

  • Aerohive Social Login At-a-Glance

    The Aerohive Personalized Engagement Platform gives you a new way to deliver personalized experiences for technology-savvy consumers. Going beyond just providing high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi access in your stores or offices, Aerohive Social Login allows you to gain insight into business intelligence from real-time WiFi statistics combined with the wealth of demographics available via social media accounts.

  • Aerohive SR2200 and SR2300 Switch Matrix

    The Aerohive SR series switch matrix

  • Aerohive Switches Family Datasheet

    The Aerohive SR series switches utilize the power of the enterprise cloud to provide unified wired and wireless access with centralized management and visibility across the entire network.

  • Aerohive Wi-Fi helping schools with 1-1 and BYOD programs

    Watch as Education Networks of America (ENA) discusses why it chose Aerohive's controller-less Wi-Fi over competitor solutions as the WLAN of choice when helping schools implement their 1:1 and BYOD initiatives. Aerohive is allowing ENA (an MSP that services K-12 schools, libraries and public universities) to provide schools with a WLAN that is stable, scalable, and reliable in order to serve 1:1 or BYOD purposes.

  • Aerohive's Controller-less Wi-Fi and Network Management Tool

    There's been a lot of talk recently about "controller-less Wi-Fi", and it's important to understand why a controller-free network has become so appealing. Besides being more cost effective, secure, scalable and high performing, Aerohive has further simplified enterprise Wi-Fi with a flexible network management system called HiveManager, which eases deployment.

  • Air Zermatt Case Study

    Schweizer Rettungsflieger setzt auf Wired- und Wireless-Infrastruktur sowie Switches von Aerohive Networks

  • Alabama State University Case Study

    Alabama State University Makes the Grade with Comprehensive Wi-Fi from Aerohive

  • Allegany County Public Schools Case Study

    School district turns to Aerohive for security and iPad-readiness

  • American School in Japan Case Study

    Aerohive Networks ensures seamless connectivity across the school’s network.

  • An Introduction to 802.11ac

    In this introductory video on 802.11ac, the first in a series of seven, Wi-Fi expert and author Matthew Gast provides an overview of 11ac.

  • Analyst Webinar ‐ Building the Connected Experience

    Watch our analyst webinar and learn from Forrester how Cloud, Wi-Fi, & applications and insights are transforming the connected experience, making every access point a starting point for your organization to better serve your customers and fuel business growth.

  • Andrews Federal Credit Union Case Study

    Financial Provider Selects Aerohive for Secure Cloud Networking Solution

  • Antwerp University Hospital Case Study

    Aerohive Selected to Support Staff, Patients and Students

  • AP1130 5GHz Directional Antenna Datasheet

    The AP1130 5GHz Directional Antenna is an outdoor single-band (5GHz) antenna with 18dBi gain.

  • AP1130 802.11ac Access Point Datasheet (Brazil)

    The AP1130 is a high-performing and ruggedized 802.11ac outdoor access point.

  • AP1130 802.11ac Outdoor Access Point Datasheet

    The AP1130 is a high-performing and ruggedized 802.11ac outdoor access point. The AP1130 provides high-performance dual band concurrent (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11ac (2x2:2) MIMO and has a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port.

  • AP121 802.11n Access Point Datasheet

    The AP121 is a cost-effective, enterprise-grade 2x2 MIMO solution, which is ideal for education, healthcare, and distributed enterprise environments. With two radios, concurrent 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz access, and security scanning across both bands, the AP121 provides top performance and security at an entry-level price point.

  • AP130 802.11ac Access Point Datasheet

    The AP130 802.11ac Dual-Radio 2x2:2 access point with internal antennas designed for ultra-high density environments.

  • AP141 802.11n Access Point Datasheet

    The AP141 access points provide 2x2:2 802.11n wireless access as well as optimized RF performance and enhanced receive sensitivity to provide a ground-breaking user experience for networks supporting multiple types of clients, including consumer-grade and bring-your-own devices (BYOD).

  • AP230 802.11ac/n Access Point Datasheet

    The AP230 is an enterprise-grade, two radio (3x3) three stream MIMO 802.11ac/n Access Point engineered with uncompromising, high-capacity performance.

  • AP245X 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point Datasheet

    The AP245X is a 3x3:3, dual radio, 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with external antenna connectors and extended operational temperature range, engineered for the challenging indoor environments.

  • AP250 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point Datasheet

    The AP250 is a 3x3:3, dual radio, 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with a software selectable radio, designed for the best coverage and capacity.

  • AP330 802.11n Access Point Datasheet

    The AP330 is a durable, enterprise-grade, (3x3) MIMO solution, designed for high bandwidth demand wireless enterprise environments.

  • AP350 802.11n Access Point Datasheet

    The AP350 is a durable, enterprise-grade, (3x3) MIMO solution, designed for high bandwidth demand wireless enterprise environments.

  • AP370 802.11ac Access Point Datasheet

    AP370 Enterprise access points are where high-performance 802.11ac meets the simplicity of Aerohive’s distributed, cooperative architecture.

  • AP390 802.11ac Access Point Datasheet

    AP390 Enterprise access points are where high-performance 802.11ac meets the simplicity of Aerohive’s distributed, cooperative architecture.

  • Application Platform Datasheet

    Aerohive’s Application Platform provides a set of powerful APIs that enable enterprises, retail customers, and education organizations to leverage their Wi-Fi network data through customized applications and system integrations. This results in new insights, reduced cost, increased revenue and improved user experiences.

  • Application Visibility and Control

    Aerohive's application visibility and control preserves your investment in existing infrastructure and prepares you for a mobile workforce with optimized end user experiences for mission-critical applications on the network.

  • Application Visibility and Control Solution Brief

    Extended visibility into applications based on context, such as user, device type, connected location, and time, ensures that IT administrators are equipped to deal with the transition of wireless to the primary access layer as well as the myriad of devices that users may bring onto the network.

  • Aprovechando la mina de oro del big data: Personas y objetos conectados

    Las organizaciones que actualmente tienen éxito buscan constantemente nueva inteligencia empresarial para aumentar la eficiencia operativa, los ingresos y la ventaja competitiva.

    Participa en esta sesión para descubrir las posibilidades y aprender:

    • Cómo aprovechar la mina de oro del big data de aplicaciones, dispositivos y usuarios conectados
    • Nuevas herramientas para mejorar la información y el crecimiento desde los departamentos de implicación con el cliente, a operaciones, logística, instalaciones y más
    • Identificar capacidades críticas para la evaluación de proveedores, incluidas APIs y ecosistemas de aplicaciones

  • Averitt Express Case Study

    Logistics company maximizes reliability, uptime by deploying Aerohive Wi-Fi

  • Avondale Elementary School District No. 44 Case Study

    Aerohive Deploys Comprehensive Wi-Fi for Avondale Elementary School District No. 44

  • Axzon Case Study

    Easy to manage Aerohive solution ensures connectivity across Axzon’s remote locations

  • Back to the Basics: WLAN 101

    If you are not familiar with wireless LAN (WLAN) technology or if you would like to know more about the basics, join us for this informative webinar. We will discuss: – A brief history on WLAN and the Mobile-First generation – Migration from 802.11abg to 802.11n to 802.11ac – How to future-proof your investment – Why cloud enabled is the only way to manage today’s access – Live demo of Aerohive’s cloud managed WLAN solution

  • Baltimore County Public Schools Case Study

    Baltimore County Public Schools Selects Aerohive to Enable Award-Winning Education Technology Innovation

  • Barfoot & Thompson Real Estate Case Study

    Customer Relationships are Enhanced with Mobile Workforce Applications

  • Bauer AG Case Study

    Better international communication and first steps towards Industry 4.0 thanks to Aerohive Networks’ scalable WLAN solution

  • Bavaria Film Case Study

    Aerohive WLAN offers improved mobility and interactive information for tourists and other visitors

  • BCS Group Case Study

    With Aerohive’s Branch-on-Demand, Aviation Specialists Assure Headquarters-like, Secure Wired and Wireless Networking for Offices Across Three Continents

  • Belgocontrol Case Study

    Aerohive Provides Belgian Traffic Control with Secure Wi-Fi Network

  • Beverly’s Fabric & Crafts Case Study

    Leading Fabric & Craft Chain Upgrades to Aerohive to Drive Complete Retail Operations

  • Boise School District Case Study

    Boise Schools Tap Aerohive for Easy-to-Manage, Affordable District-wide WLAN

  • Bojangles’ Restaurants Inc Case Study

    Bojangles’ Restaurants Select Aerohive for Superior Retail Wi-Fi

  • Bonjour Gateway

    To make networks service-aware and make BYOD with Apple devices a native part of every network, Aerohive has built a Bonjour Gateway to manage and control Apple service availability (such as AirPrintTM, AirPlay®, file sharing, collaboration applications, etc.) across an entire enterprise network.

  • Bonjour Gateway Enterprise-level “Zero-Configuration Networking” for Apple

    Aerohive’s patent-pending Bonjour Gateway takes service advertisements that are restricted to a single broadcast link and makes those services available network-wide, without any client modifications or VLAN gymnasitics.

  • Bonjour Gateway with Matthew Gast Demo

    Matthew Gast demos new Aerohive feature enabling management & control of Apple's Bonjour technology. Services such as Apple TV, AirPrint and AirPlay are now usable across multi-subnet networks regardless of underlying topology.

  • Bonjour Gateway: Service Filtering Demo

    Matthew Gast demos new Aerohive feature enabling management & control of Apple's Bonjour technology. Services such as Apple TV, AirPrint & AirPlay are now usable across multi-subnet networks regardless of underlying topology.

  • BR100 Router Datasheet

    The Aerohive BR100 Router marries 802.11n performance, enterprise security and advanced wired/wireless management with cloud computing to deliver a zero-touch branch network deployment. With HiveOS Routing at its core, the BR100 includes fast roaming, user-based access control, and fully stateful firewall policies, as well as additional security and RF networking features at no extra cost.

  • BR200 Router Datasheet

    The Aerohive BR200 Router platforms combine secure routing and enterprise-class Wi-Fi in a single platform, providing essential networking and management capabilities to connect, secure, and manage branch offices. The BR200 router series comes in two models: the BR200 and the BR200-WP.

  • BR200-LTE-VZ Router Datasheet

    The Aerohive BR200-LTE-VZ Router provides branch offices with a cost-effective, enterprise-grade router with embedded Verizon 4G LTE capabilities, enterprise security, and cloud management.

  • Brainerd Baptist Church & School Case Study

    Tennessee Church and School Uses WLAN to Serve Students, Employees and the Congregation

  • Branch on Demand for Healthcare Solution Brief

    Healthcare professionals need to focus on quality of patient care and on securing the patient data, even in the most remote locations. Network services provided to remote facilities, clinics, and offices depend less on the size of the location and more on the functions being performed at that location. Aerohive provides Branch on Demand a cloud-enabled networking solution for remote locations that simplifies provisioning, management, security, and troubleshooting for these deployments.

  • Branch on Demand for Retail Solution Brief

    Aerohive’s Branch on Demand plays an important role in the Aerohive Personalized Engagement Platform, giving retailers instant connectivity for remote branches and temporary retail locations. Retail staff can simply plug in the router and enjoy wired and wireless connectivity in minutes, while IT can centrally manage the routers from a single console.

  • Branch on Demand for the Enterprise Solution Brief

    The Aerohive Branch on Demand™ solution makes it easy to deploy corporate capabilities to employees anywhere, while reducing operational costs. The key lies in a suite of features and functionality designed specifically for remote environments that simplify operations, enforce security policy, reduce costs, and operate virtually maintenance-free.

  • Branch Router Buyer’s Guide: The definitive guide for evaluating branch networks

    Learn how Aerohive Branch on Demand solutions makes it easier and more cost-effective to implement wired and wireless access to corporate resources everywhere—from the home office to branch offices and teleworkers.

  • Brookdale Senior Living Case Study

    Assisted Living and Retirement Community Leader Delivers Higher Levels of Care with Wi-Fi and EMR, and Provides Wireless Internet Access to Residents

  • Broward County Public Schools Case Study

    Broward County Public Schools Select Aerohive to Overhaul WLAN and Bring Connectivity to 300,000 Students

  • Building Secure Wireless LANs Whitepaper

    Security of a wireless network still ranks as one of the largest concerns of IT professionals planning to roll out an enterprise wireless LAN. Today the security concerns of the legacy protocols have been largely eliminated and best practices for secure deployment have been developed allowing many wireless deployments to be arguably more secure than their wired counterparts.

  • Burgerville Case Study

    Burgerville Deploys Aerohive for Secure and Robust Retail Networking Solution

  • BYOD & IoT: Die wachsende Bedrohung für Netzwerksicherheit

    Private Endgeräte werden in vielen Branchen verwendet, wobei nahezu die Hälfte der Unternehmen plant, IoT-Geräte auch zur Sicherheit und Überwachung einzusetzen. Wie können Sie trotzdem Transparenz darüber schaffen, was sich wirklich mit Ihrem Netzwerk verbindet, die Kontrolle behalten und gleichzeitig die Flexibilität Ihrer Nutzer sicherstellen? Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und lernen Sie wichtige Tipps zum Thema WLAN-Sicherheit.

  • BYOD & IoT: The Growing Threat To Network Security

    Personal electronics and smart technologies are penetrating even heavily regulated industries, with almost half of enterprises also looking to deploy IoT devices for security and monitoring. With this proliferation, how can you get visibility of what’s really accessing the network, and retain control while giving users flexibility? Watch this on-demand webinar for practical insights from the guys who wrote the book on WLAN Security.

  • BYOD and Beyond: How To Turn BYOD into Productivity

    One of the most overlooked aspects of the BYOD phenomenon isn’t just connecting the users to the network, but how to manage them once they’re there. Getting mobile and BYO devices onto the network is now table stakes. This white paper will take you through the necessary connectivity and productivity requirements in order to ensure your network is truly ready for the mobility explosion.

  • BYOD e IoT: la crescente minaccia alla sicurezza di rete

    L'elettronica di consumo e le tecnologie intelligenti stanno penetrando in modo ancor più massiccio i settori regolamentati, in cui circa la metà delle grandi aziende cerca anche di implementare i dispositivi IoT per la sicurezza e il monitoraggio. A fronte di tale proliferazione, come si fa a ottenere la visibilità di ciò che accede davvero alla rete e a mantenerne il controllo offrendo al contempo flessibilità agli utenti? Partecipa a questa sessione per ottenere informazioni pratiche dagli autori del libro sulla sicurezza della WLAN.

  • BYOD e IoT: Una amenaza cada vez mayor para la seguridad de las redes

    Los dispositivos personales y las tecnologías inteligentes están penetrando incluso en sectores con una estricta regulación, con aproximadamente la mitad de las empresas planeando implementar dispositivos IoT para fines de seguridad y monitorización. En base a este imparable avance, ¿cómo se puede visualizar qué y quién están accediendo realmente a la red manteniendo el control, al mismo tiempo que ofreces flexibilidad a los usuarios? Participa en esta sesión para acceder a información práctica de expertos en seguridad WLAN.

  • BYOD et IdO : une menace croissante pour la sécurité des réseaux

    Les appareils électroniques personnels et les technologies intelligentes pénètrent dans les entreprises, même les plus réglementées, et près de la moitié d’entre elles cherchent également à déployer des terminaux IdO pour la sécurité et la surveillance. Face à cette multiplication des appareils, comment identifier les processus qui accèdent réellement au réseau et garder le contrôle, tout en accordant une certaine flexibilité aux utilisateurs ? Inscrivez-vous à cette session pour obtenir des informations pratiques de la part des auteurs du livre sur la sécurité WLAN.

  • Carlsbad Municipal Schools Case Study

    Aerohive Brings Carlsbad Municipal Schools Back Online with Controller-less Wi-Fi and Cloud-Managed Networking Solution

  • Charmer Sunbelt Group Case Study

    Reliable, Cost Effective, and Easy to Manage Wireless Networking for Warehousing Facilities with Cooperative Control Wireless LAN from Aerohive

  • Cherokee County School District Case Study

    Cherokee County School District Selects Aerohive for Comprehensive Wireless Upgrade

  • Chesterfield County Public Schools of Virginia Case Study

    Chesterfield County Public Schools of Virginia Chooses Aerohive’s Enterprise WLAN to Manage Influx of Mobile Devices and Computer-Based Testing

  • Churchtown Primary School Case Study

    European Primary School Chooses Aerohive’s Reliable, Manageable, Scalable and Economical Controller-less Wireless LAN Architecture

  • City of Cupertino Case Study

    Premier Silicon Valley Municipality Launches Aerohive Wi-Fi

  • City of Douglasville Case Study

    Vibrant Atlanta Suburb Deploys Municipal Wi-Fi

  • City of Morgan Hill Case Study

    Aerohive Keeps City of Morgan Hill Residents Wirelessly Connected Across Six Campuses

  • City of Williamsburg Case Study

    Aerohive Enables Comprehensive Mobility for City of Williamsburg

  • Client Health Score Solution Brief

    As your Wi-Fi deployment grows, day-to-day management can become more and more challenging. In this solution brief we'll provide an overview of Aerohive's new Client Health Score feature which cuts through volumes of data to show you the overall health of clients in an “at-a-glance” format, then enables you to drill down if you see a specific problem. We'll look at the statistics compiled to generate the Client Health Score's simple "green/yellow/red" view, and discuss the use of the Client Health Score in our new TeacherView feature.

  • Client Management Datasheet

    Client Management allows an administrator to clearly differentiate between issued devices and BYOD, giving them the additional layer of context necessary to create granular policies and controls for a mobile first enterprise. Client Management greatly reduces the burden for onboarding Corporate-Issued and BYO devices by auto-provisioning clients with secure profiles, which helps transform the network into a platform for mobility

  • Client Management Solution Brief

    The Aerohive Client Management application gives administrators the power to easily provision, configure, and monitor end user devices as simply as HiveManager manages Aerohive access points, routers, or switches today.

  • Cloud Networking Whitepaper from Forrester

    Businesses want to eliminate wasteful, redundant software, hardware, and operations from branch and remote locations. At the the same time, they want to strive to offer more customized products and services that require a dynamic and agile environment. In this technology adoption paper from Forrester, you will learn why IT decision-makers believe cloud networking provides the ideal solution to solve this strategy.

  • Cloud Services At-a-Glance

    Cloud networking introduces a new way to quickly deploy distributed enterprise networks. It delivers enterprise-class network capabilities via an application that reduces capital investment in additional networking equipment.

  • Cloud Services Platform Cloud Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    The Aerohive Cloud Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) governs your use of the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform. Please review this SLA together with Aerohive’s End User License Agreement (“EULA”), which also governs certain obligations relating to your use of the Cloud Services Platform.

  • Cloud Services Platform SLA

    The Aerohive Cloud Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) governs your use of the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform.

  • Cloud Services Platform: Security and Availability Controls

    Aerohive’s approach enables scalable, secure and reliable network applications by taking advantage of the Cloud while also preserving an unmatched level of flexibility often associated with on-premise solutions. Customers can still decide what to run, when to upgrade and comply with customer’s network operation policies.

  • Cloud-Managed Mobility Platform for Education Whitepaper

    With the adoption of mobility accelerating in schools, classrooms are undergoing major transformations. This whitepaper highlights the challenges and network requirements for adopting current classroom technology trends like Common Core curriculum and online standardized testing, new mobile learning devices such as the Google Chromebook and the Intel-based Ultrabook, and the modernization of digital displays and print infrastructures with Apple TV.

  • Colegio Cristóbal Colón Case Study

    Large School in Mexico Leads the Way for Controller-Less Wi-Fi and Digital Learning

  • College of Idaho Case Study

    The College of Idaho First to Launch Aerohive’s ID Manager for Self-Authentication Across Entire Campus

  • Columbus Vegetable Oils Case Study

    Manufacturer Turns to Aerohive Wi-Fi to Streamline Inventory Process Based on Security, Reliability, Manageability

  • Complete HealthCare Resources Case Study

    Flexible, Easy to Deploy and Manage Wireless Networking for Healthcare Facilities with Cooperative Control Wireless LAN from Aerohive

  • Configuring Aerohive Bonjour Gateway

    In this short video, we'll show you how to install and configure the Aerohive virtual Bonjour Gateway.

  • Connected Store & Restaurant in a Box

    The Connected Store in a Box and Connected Restaurant in a Box solutions from Lightspeed and Aerohive enable brick-and-mortar retailers to rapidly deploy mobile POS systems.

  • Consolidated High School District 230 Case Study

    Award-Wining District Deploys Gigabit Wi-Fi to Handle Density

  • Controllers, Cloud and Cooperative Control – 5 Generations of WLAN Architecture

    With the demand for mobility ever increasing, organizations are continually evaluating and investing in the latest technologies to support their mobile users, devices and applications. This whitepaper discovers the building blocks that create a modern mobility platform, exploring the evolution of Wi-Fi from a convenience access medium, to a critical part of the network infrastructure. Read this document to learn how to implement a fast, secure, and reliable solution and gain an understanding of what role the cloud plays for mobility-first networks.

  • Cooperative Control Architecture Whitepaper

    Aerohive Networks has pioneered a new WLAN architecture called the Cooperative Control architecture. It is a controller-less architecture that eliminates the downsides of controllers while providing the management, mobility, scalability, resiliency, and security that enterprises require in their wireless infrastructure. This paper discusses the benefits of this approach and the key underlying technologies of cooperative control, best path forwarding and policy enforcement at the edge.

  • Cooperstown Central School District Case Study

    Cooperstown Central School District Supports Google Chromebook 1to1 Initiative with Aerohive’s Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

  • Customer Testimony: Boston Globe

    The Boston Globe Media Partners, home to and Boston Globe publications, deployed Aerohive for enterprise Wi-Fi without controllers across its entire organization.

  • Customer Testimony: Brookdale Senior Living

    Brookdale Senior Living is the largest provider of senior housing and senior care in the industry. Each day, about 46,000 Brookdale associates serve nearly 60,000 residents in a variety of settings. But like many senior living organizations, Brookdale Senior Living has a limited engineering team. These constraints are challenging, but Brookdale nevertheless recognized that it needed a next-generation wireless LAN to reach its far-flung facilities, to provide wireless access within those facilities, and to help the company realize the value of its other technology initiatives.

  • Customer Testimony: Burgerville

    Burgerville is a restaurant chain based in Portland, Oregon known for its local and natural ingredients and commitment to sustainable energy. The quick service chain has 39 establishments in Oregon and Washington, and prides itself on using 100% wind power for all its restaurants and headquarters, converting its trans fat-free canola oil into biodiesel, composting a majority of food waste from kitchens and dining rooms, and serving only range-fed beef.

  • Customer Testimony: Charmer Sunbelt

    Charmer Sunbelt selected Aerohive's Cooperative Control wireless LAN solution for its distribution centers based on reliability, manageability, and cost effectiveness.

  • Customer Testimony: Franklin Public Schools

    Franklin Public Schools are located in the town of Franklin, Massachusetts, a suburban industrial community located approximately 20 miles southwest of Boston and close to Providence and Worcester. The district has a total of 11 schools, with one preschool, six elementary schools, three middle schools and a new state-of-the-art high school. The schools are spread over eight different physical buildings and serve more than 6,000 students, with approximately 500 faculty and staff.

  • Customer Testimony: Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc.

    Greenway Medical Technologies’ web-native integrated practice management, managed care and electronic health record (EHR) solution is enabling medical practices to increase care quality, enhance patient satisfaction and facilitate adherence to compliance guidelines. Greenway needed to replace its existing WLAN with a more scalable, manageable and reliable Wi-Fi solution that leverages a cloud-enabled platform.

  • Customer Testimony: Harvard Square

    Harvard Square, located in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, welcomes over eight million visitors each year, offering a world- renowned shopping, dining, cultural and academic location.

  • Customer Testimony: Horry County Schools

    While Horry County boasted competitive test scores, and other education achievements, it had run into reliability and manageability problems with its existing wireless network. It needed a more robust solution to serve as the Wi-Fi infrastructure for its highly distributed environment.

  • Customer Testimony: Innotrac

    Innotrac Corporation, founded in 1984 and based near Atlanta, Georgia, is a best-of-breed commerce provider integrating digital technology, fulfillment and contact center solutions to support global brands.

  • Customer Testimony: Long Island Veterinary

    Long Island Veterinary Specialists (LIVS) provides peace of mind to pet owners. LIVS offers state-of-the-art emergency medical services, utilizing more advanced equipment than is what is generally found at a specialty veterinary center.

  • Customer Testimony: Millfield School

    Hear how Millfield School a large Independent School is using Aerohive solutions and their experience using Hive Manager in the Cloud. Providing them with a scalable, easy to use, cost effective solution.

  • Customer Testimony: Northamptonshire NHS

    Hear how Aerohive has been deployed across GP and clinical surgeries in the NHS Northamptonshire. Providing a scalable, simple and cost effective WiFi solution.

  • Customer Testimony: Northwest Credit Union

    Founded in 1949, Northwest Community Credit Union (NWCU) initially served the employees of the Weyerhaeuser Company. By 1973, the credit union had grown to serve hundreds of select employer groups in western Oregon focused on wood products and the forest industry. Today the organization has broadened its mission to the greater Pacific Northwest community with 87,000 members and $840 million in assets.

  • Customer Testimony: Phocabby

    Dutch leader in interactive experience platforms uses Aerohives network solutions to provide self service devices, advertising displays or information screens with an interactive self-service network connection.

  • Customer Testimony: Pinnacol Assurance

    Pinnacol Assurance was founded in 1915 and provides workers’ compensation insurance for over 55,000 policyholders at companies and organizations across the state of Colorado. Operating as a quasi-governmental agency and operating under a state charter, Pinnacol has nearly 600 employees with $426M in annual revenues. The company insures approximately 60 percent of the Colorado workforce.

  • Customer Testimony: Pulaski County Special School District

    Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD) is the second largest school district by population in the state of Arkansas and its 36 schools encompass 730 square miles, serving students in the out-lying areas of Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • Customer Testimony: RHA Health Services

    Founded more than 20 years ago, RHA Health Services is a leading non-profit provider of services and support for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

  • Customer Testimony: Somerville College

    Oxford University's Somerville College reported it's on track to become the first college in the Oxford system to blanket its campus with wireless networking.

  • Customer Testimony: University of Oxford, Exeter College

    See how Aerohive is helping The University of Oxford, Exeter College with customizable Wifi to support high footfall of users with Hive Manager Online and PPSK.

  • Customer Testimony: WiFirst

    Hear why WiFirst Chose Aerohive as its Wifi provider for efficiency and convenience and how they are using Aerohive with their customers

  • Customer Testimony: Wodonga Institute of TAFE

    Aerohive Networks brings significant cost savings and high network performance to Wodonga Institute of TAFE

  • Customer Testimony: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is home to hundreds of scientists and researchers who depend on reliable Wi-Fi. WHOI upgraded all its existing Cisco architecture, selecting Aerohive’s controller-less WAN for superior reliability and scalability, as well as ease of management.

  • Dari Mart Case Study

    Convenience Store Deploys Aerohive Switches

  • Daybreak Venture Case Study

    Long-Term Care Provider Deploys Aerohive for Delivering Optimum Patient Care

  • Demo: How Aerohive Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK) works

    Aerohive's unique Private Pre-Shared Key feature enables the ease of a PSK SSID with many of the advantages of 802.1X solutions, including unique access permissions such as VLAN and application controls as well as authentication revocation. Watch Abby Strong detail the advantages of Aerohive's Private Pre-Shared Key solution in this feature overview video.

  • Der Einfluss von W-Lan auf digitales Lernen an Schulen und Hochschulen

    Welchen Einfluss haben Ihre Investitionen in Technik und Netzwerk auf die Lernergebnisse in Ihrer Bildungseinrichtung. Wenn die Antwort „Ich würde dazu gerne mehr erfahren“ lautet, dann sind Sie nicht allein – und dieses Webinar ist das Richtige für Sie.

  • Diocese of San Bernardino Case Study

    Aerohive ‘Saves’ Diocese of San Bernardino with Robust Wireless Solution

  • Don’t Let the New WLAN Standard Break the Bank or Your Wired Network

    Wave 2 802.11ac access points have hit the market, but most enterprise environments don’t warrant them yet. Gartner Research has looked at what network decision makers should, and shouldn’t do to ready their networks and ensure you’re not spending unnecessary money. This Gartner research paper will look at the current impact of Wave 2 access points, the effect they have on your wired network, and will provide recommendations for network decision makers who are looking to upgrade their Wi-Fi.

  • Drakes Supermarkets Case Study

    Drakes Supermarkets maintains superior customer service with Aerohive Wi-Fi

  • Dynamic Airtime Scheduling - Optimizing Network and Client Performance Whitepaper

    Wireless is a shared medium, meaning that all clients and neighboring APs compete for the same limited bandwidth. In addition, each client's speed varies depending on the protocol it is running (802.11 a/b/g/n) and the signal strength, interference and noise it is experiencing. This paper reviews key issues that affect wireless LAN performance, and explains how Aerohive's new Dynamic Airtime Scheduling can solve these problems.

  • E-rate 101

    Need some help understanding the E-rate process? Join this on-demand webinar to learn everything you need to know about the new E-rate program.

    Claim your share of the $5.2 billion dollars of available funding in the E-rate program. Register now to watch this on-demand webinar!

  • East Brunswick School District Case Study

    Controller-free Wireless LAN Architecture is a Cost-effective Choice that will Enable Straightforward Expansion of the District’s New Wireless Network

  • Economic Value Validation: Aerohive Controller-less Wireless Architecture, by ESG

    Mobility has not only changed how we live, it is also dramatically changing the network infrastructures that we rely on. As organizations cope with a tidal wave of mobile users, mobile applications, and demand for pervasive access, it’s becoming clearer that prior-generation approaches to providing mobility (controller-based) are breaking.

  • Economics of Wi-Fi – The Hidden Cost of Freedom

    98% of organizations consider mobile devices such as laptops or tablets important to their productivity today. As more mobile devices enter our network, it is important to implement a fast, secure and reliable wireless LAN to support them. However, while there is a need for greater service for your users, it is still difficult for organizations to find a balance between product and price.

  • Education Solution Summary

    Aerohive enables mobility in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, with a unique distributed control Wi-Fi and wired solution, combined with a cloud services platform that makes it easier to manage your network and connected staff, students and visitors.

  • Elwood Union Free School District Case Study

    New York School District Enables Next-Generation Google Apps for Education Learning with Aerohive’s Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

  • Empowering Teachers with Technology for Learning

    Hear from some of your executive peers from schools all across the nation on how they tackle theses challenges in our K-12 Webinar Series. Don’t miss these in-the-trenches and best practice experiences from IT leaders from Henry Ford Learning Institute, Consolidated High, Fremont Public Schools, Iredell-Statesville Schools, Pulaski County Schools, Broward County Public Schools and Healdsburg Unified.

  • Enable Mobility with Application Visibility Whitepaper

    Today, companies have to be intimately connected to the customer which requires companies to have real-time application control and visibility. To gain insight into the customer, a distributed architecture is the only way to accomplish this as more devices connect and applications increase both in quantity and requirements per device. This paper from Forrester evaluates the adoption and perceptions surrounding application control and visibility.

  • Enabling Secure Guest Wi-Fi with Social Login

    Learn about Aerohive’s Social Login functionality, which enables retailers to gain insight into valuable demographics about shoppers when they opt-in to connect to the secure guest wi-fi.

  • Enterprise Access Points At-a-Glance

    Aerohive’s Enterprise Wireless LAN Access Points are engineered with the security, reliability, and simplicity to meet your mobility needs with the sophistication and performance to blow past your expectations.

  • Enterprise Solution Summary

    From legal firms to financial institutions, professional organizations of all kinds are increasing the use of mobile devices to improve worker flexibility, reduce wired infrastructure, improve communication and collaboration and gain valuable business insights. Aerohive enables mobility in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, with a unique distributed control Wi-Fi and wired solution, combined with a cloud services platform that makes it easier to manage your network.

  • eSchool Düsseldorf Case Study

    eSchool wählt Aerohive als Grundlage für mobile eLearning-Initiativen und iPad-Nutzung in den Düsseldorfer Schulen

  • ESG Lab Validation of Aerohive Networks

    IT organizations are being challenged to deliver a robust, individualized wireless experience for an ever-increasing number and variety of devices and use cases. ESG research shows that BYOD policies have created new challenges in handling increases in network traffic, security risk, and administrative overhead. In this video, ESG Lab examine Aerohive Networks’ controller-less wireless architecture with a goal of validating the ease of deployment, management, and performance scalability of Aerohive’s distributed-intelligence approach to wireless networking.

  • ESG Lab Validation of Aerohive Networks Whitepaper

    IT organizations are being challenged to deliver a robust, individualized wireless experience for a number and variety of devices and use cases. BYOD policies have driven new challenges in handling increases in network traffic, security risk, and administrative overhead. In this whitepaper, ESG Lab examined Aerohive’s controller-less architecture and explains how it validated Aerohive’s distributed intelligence approach to wireless networking.

  • ESG Lab Validation Summary of Aerohive Networks Whitepaper

    IT organizations are being challenged to deliver a robust, individualized wireless experience for a number and variety of devices and use cases. BYOD policies have driven new challenges in handling increases in network traffic, security risk, and administrative overhead. In this whitepaper, ESG Lab examined Aerohive’s controller-less architecture and explains how it validated Aerohive’s distributed intelligence approach to wireless networking.

  • Exploiter la mine de renseignements du Big Data : personnes et objets connectés

    Aujourd’hui, les entreprises qui réussissent sont constamment à la recherche de nouveaux renseignements stratégiques pour améliorer leur efficacité opérationnelle, leur chiffre d’affaires et leur avantage concurrentiel.

    Inscrivez-vous à cette session pour explorer les possibilités :
    • Comment puiser dans la mine de renseignements du Big Data des utilisateurs, terminaux et applications connectés ?
    • Nouveaux outils pour de nouveaux renseignements utiles et croissance des services dédiés à l’implication des clients, aux opérations, à la logistique, aux infrastructures, etc.
    • Identification des fonctionnalités essentielles pour l’évaluation des fournisseurs, notamment les API et les écosystèmes d’application

  • Fentress Architects Case Study

    State of the Art Architect Firm Turns to Aerohive for Security, Reliability and Coverage

  • First Industrial Realty Trust (FIRT) Case Study

    Secure and Affordable Wireless Networking for Headquarters and Branch Offices with Cooperative Control Wireless LAN Equipment from Aerohive

  • Fitzharrys School Case Study

    Secondary School Leverages Wireless Mesh and Unique Authentication to Modernise Campus WLAN with Aerohive 802.11n Solution

  • Flow International Case Study

    Secure, Reliable, Cost-effective Wireless Networking for Global Firm with Cooperative Control Wireless LAN from Aerohive

  • Folio Investing Case Study

    Folio Investing Mobilizes its Workforce with Aerohive WLAN

  • Framingham Public School District Case Study

    Deploying an Innovative Wireless Network that Surpassed the Expectations of the IT Team and Changed the Way Faculty and Students Use Technology

  • Franklin Public Schools Case Study

    Franklin Public Schools Overhaul Wireless Network to Enable Digital Learning, Increase Efficiency and Realize Cost Savings

  • Fresno City College Case Study

    Aerohive Technologically Advances Oldest Community College in State of California, Enables Wireless Connectivity for Influx of BYO Devices

  • Fullerton School District Case Study

    Tech-Savvy Fullerton School District Enhances 21st-Century Classrooms with Aerohive’s Robust, Reliable Wireless Solution

  • Galveston Independent School District Case Study

    Galveston Independent School District Expands Teaching and Learning Capabilities Providing Support for BYOD, Online Testing with Aerohive

  • Gigabit Wi-Fi – Why Adding More Speed Is Not Enough

    Wi-Fi is continually evolving to keep up with the growing demand for always-on mobile connectivity. With an increasing number of devices and applications fighting for bandwidth, now is the time to start planning for 802.11ac. However, simply adding 802.11ac access points may not be enough to increase performance. Join this webinar to learn how to manage the bandwidth you have today, and how to prepare for the future of your mobile-centric network.

  • Grant Thornton Case Study

    Leading Accounting Firm Trades in Controllers for Flexible and Comprehensive Wi-Fi Solution from Aerohive

  • Great Clips Case Study

    Largest Salon Brand Great Clips Selects Aerohive for Retail Wireless Solution

  • Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. Case Study

    Healthcare IT provider chooses Aerohive WLAN for cloud networking-enabled management, as well as increased scalability and reliability

  • Gulf Coast Health Care, LLC Case Study

    Aerohive has enabled high-performance connectivity for health care patients, nurses and visiting family members

  • Hal Smith Restaurant Group Case Study

    Aerohive Delivers Enterprise Mobility and Enhanced Guest Satisfaction for Hal Smith Restaurant Group

  • Hampden Academy Case Study

    Hampden Academy of Maine Chooses Aerohive's Enterprise WLAN to Manage Influx of Apple Devices

  • Harrisonburg City Public Schools Case Study

    School System Extends Reliable, Centrally-Managed WLAN throughout the District with Cooperative Control Solution from Aerohive

  • Hartlepool Borough Council Case Study

    Hartlepool and Northgate Managed Services Create Town-wide e-Learning Network with Aerohive Wi-Fi Solution

  • Harvard Square Case Study

    Aerohive Brings Flawless Outdoor Wi-Fi to Harvard Square

  • Hathaway Brown School Case Study

    Ohio School District Supports 1:1 Program and BYOD Initiative with Aerohive’s Wireless Solution

  • Haymarket Media Group Case Study

    Haymarket Media Group Creates Mobile Foundation with Aerohive Networks

  • Healdsburg Unified School District Case Study

    Healdsburg Unified School District Modernizes Wireless Network for Digital Learning

  • Healthcare Reference Architecture Whitepaper

    Aerohive’s mobile access solutions for healthcare provide a reliable, high-performance and easy-to-use infrastructure that meets the needs of mission-critical EMR and other applications used by mobile caregivers. HiveOS’s intelligent distributed architecture delivers on the promise of cloud-enabled networking today by bringing the following benefits to caregivers and network administrators.

  • Healthcare Solution Summary

    Healthcare providers are increasing the use of mobile devices and services to improve worker flexibility and patient care, improve communication and collaboration, and track important medical equipment. Aerohive enables mobility in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, with a unique distributed control Wi-Fi & wired solution, combined with a powerful cloud services platform.

  • Henry Ford Learning Institute Case Study

    Charter School Organization Manages Robust Wireless Network from the Cloud

  • High-Density Wi-Fi Design Principles Whitepaper

    Design your high-density WLAN with sufficient focus on network planning and design and ensure the network equipment that is purchased and deployed is capable of delivering both high performance and intelligent features to optimize the use of limited spectrum. Only through proper requirements gathering, network design, configuration, and continual optimization can a Wi-Fi network be deployed that meets the demands of a dense client population. This white paper outlines a set of simple principles that you can use as a basic guide when designing your high-density network.

  • Highlights from ISTE 2015

    The ISTE Conference & Expo is the premier education technology conference. Hear some of our customers talk about how ISTE helps them in the classroom and get to know some of their favorite things about Aerohive.

  • HiveCare Alliance Support Guide

    Our Flagship Enterprise Support Program, HiveCare Alliance is the perfect complement to your IT Team as they maximize the value of your mobility platform to deliver unified, intelligent, and simplified networks for your business. HiveCare Alliance is the definitive source for Global Technical Support.

  • HiveCare Classic Support Guide

    HiveCare Classic Support, our entry level Support Program, is designed for those customers that do not require extended hours or maintenance options.

  • HiveCare Preferred Support Guide

    HiveCare Preferred Support, our Premium Enterprise Support Program, is a valuable addition to your IT team as they leverage the power of mobility to increase productivity, engage customers, and grow your business. HiveCare Preferred Support is the definitive choice for 24x7 expedited Technical Support.

  • HiveCare Select Support Guide

    HiveCare Preferred Support, our Premium Enterprise Support Program, is a valuable addition to your IT team as they leverage the power of mobility to increase productivity, engage customers, and grow your business. HiveCare Preferred Support is the definitive choice for 24x7 expedited Technical Support.

  • HiveCare Support Guide

    HiveCare Support Programs are designed to give you the confidence and peace of mind that your investments in Aerohive’s Mobility Platform are leveraged so that you can take full advantage of network simplicity, cost reduction, and cloud-enabled solutions.

  • HiveManager Datasheet

    Aerohive Networks HiveManager NMS is a management system for Aerohive access points and branch routers. HiveManager enables simple policy creation, firmware upgrades, configuration updates, and centralized monitoring from a single console.

  • HiveManager NG

    HiveManager NG is Aerohive’s next generation enterprise-class cloud-enabled network management solution. The Aerohive HiveManager NG architecture allows administrators to deploy networks and maintain constant visibility and control, all enabled by a powerful cloud platform and ecosystem that tie connectivity, operational insight, and applications together.

  • HiveManager NG Cloud Services Platform Upgrade Policy

    Aerohive has designed a simple upgrade policy for its HiveManager NG Cloud Services Platform

  • HiveManager NG Datasheet

    HiveManager NG is Aerohive’s next generation enterprise-class cloud-enabled network management solution. It sets a new standard for simplicity and flexibility in unified networking by combining streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, simplified troubleshooting, versatile RF planner tools and API integrations.

  • HiveManager NG Hotsheet

    HiveManager NG is Aerohive’s next generation enterprise-class cloud-enabled network management solution.

  • HiveManager NG Solution Brief

    HiveManager NG is a cloud-based (Software-as-a-Service), disaster-proof wireless network management system (WNMS) designed to make a wireless network administrator’s life easier. Because HiveManager NG is hosted in and across multiple data centers, it provides inherent high availability for both hardware and data.

  • HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance

    Next Generation Network Management System

  • HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance QuickStart Guide

    This QuickStart Guide describes the installation of a HiveManager NG Virtual Appliance.

  • HiveManager Online Datasheet

    Aerohive Networks HiveManager Online NMS is an enterprise-class management system for Aerohive access points and routers, delivered as a cloud-based service. HiveManager Online offers the same simple policy creation, firmware upgrades, and centralized monitoring options as the on-premise version of HiveManager, without the need to deploy another device in your network.

  • HiveManager Online Solution Brief

    HiveManager Online is the first cloud-based, enterprise-class Wi-Fi management solution and is a breakthrough in management simplicity, flexibility, and redundancy. HiveManager Online gives financial control back to organizations by offering a linearly-scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure management platform with no up-front management costs. Combined with HiveAPs, it's the simplest instantiation of enterprise Wi-Fi.

  • HiveOS Routing Features Datasheet

    Aerohive HiveOS is the operating system that powers all Aerohive devices. HiveOS Routing delivers non-stop networking, routing with VPNs and enterprise firewall security to remote and branch offices.

  • HiveOS Switching Features Datasheet

    Aerohive HiveOS is the operating system that powers all Aerohive devices. HiveOS Switching delivers enterprise-class switching functionality combined with identity-based routing, security features like 802.1X, and contextual policy enforcement.

  • HiveOS Wi-Fi Features Datasheet

    Aerohive HiveOS is the network operating system that powers all Aerohive devices. HiveOS Wi-Fi delivers non-stop, high-performance wireless service, enterprise firewall security, and mobile device management to every Wi-Fi device.

  • HiveSchool Datasheet

    HiveSchool is a connected learning application that lets teachers provide an engaging, collaborative and effective learning experience for their students.

  • Holly Area School District Case Stidy

    School District Chooses Aerohive to Connect Apple Mobile Devices

  • Hoogvliet Case Study

    European Supermarket Chain chooses Aerohive’s Business-class WLAN Solution

  • Horry County Public School Case Study

    School District’s Wi-Fi Goes from Erratic to Reliable with Aerohive

  • How to Increase the Capacity of Your WiFi Using Aerohive Products

  • Huntington Beach Union High School District Case Study

    Large School District Chooses Aerohive for Controller-Less Wi-Fi and Advanced Digital Instruction

  • Hydradyne Case Study

    Industry Leader for Hydraulic Manufacturing and Distribution Deploys Aerohive for Greater Efficiency

  • ID Manager

    ID Manager is Aerohive’s enterprise-grade BYOD solution that simplifies BYOD management and helps reduce IT workload. With it’s industry-leading authentication integration, profile-based network access privileges and customizable workflows, ID Manager effectively addresses the BYOD needs of enterprises and higher education organizations.

  • ID Manager Datasheet

    Aerohive's ID Manager is the first enterprise guest management system to leverage the cloud to simplify and automate the deployment and maintenance of enterprise guest management.

  • ID Manager – Top 5 Reasons to Buy

    This document summarizes the key benefits of our ID Manager solution, and why you should consider it for your organization. ID Manager is Aerohive’s solution for managing Guest and BYO devices on your network.

  • iEverything Enterprise Whitepaper

    Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Powerful enterprise applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time and take advantage of tremendous computing power available in consumer devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

  • Innotrac Case Study

    Worldwide Distribution Experts Seamlessly Deploy Wireless in the Enterprise and the Warehouse for Hundreds of Concurrent RF Users

  • Instant Connectivity for Retail Branch Offices At-a-glance

    In the retail space, the success of branch offices, whether it is one or many, is vital in helping brick-and-mortar retailers compete against online retailers, secure more customers, and build customer loyalty. Being able to rapidly extend network connectivity for employees and enabling guest Wi-Fi access for customers at branch locations can help accomplish these goals.

  • Instituto Kilimanjaro Monterrey Case Study

    Elementary School Upgrades to Aerohive for Interactive Digital Learning

  • Intelligent Wi-Fi Is Rising

    Companies are investing in wireless networks to give customers and employees access to a full range of mobile applications wherever they are. What’s often missing from the strategy is an investigation of how an intelligent Wi-Fi network serves as a platform for mobile applications and audience analytics. This paper from Forrester evaluates how companies are using intelligent Wi-Fi networks to learn about their customers & engage with them more effectively.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Infographic

    The Internet of Things revolution is under way. IoT will transform every person’s life in almost every aspect from finding a place to park, to having a customized shopping experience, and to managing environmental controls in a building. Investing in IoT must be at the top of every IT and business leader’s priority list. This infographic from ZK Research depicts the key drivers of IoT and shows the main vertical applications of IoT.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Whitepaper

    The era of Internet of Things has arrived. The forces of cloud, social media, connected endpoints, wireless technology, and big data analytics are all coming together to create a single, transformative force that’s bigger than anything in the history of business. This white paper from ZK Research explains the driving forces of IoT, how to build an IoT strategy, what are the benefits of IoT, and the top considerations to keep in mind.

  • Iowa Judicial Branch Case Study

    Historic Landmarks and Older Building Sites Present Unique Challenges to Enterprise-class Networking that Wireless Can Easily Address

  • Is 802.11ac Wave 2 the answer?

    802.11ac Wave 2 is the latest standard, pushing your network even further beyond the Gigabit speed barrier, but is investing in the latest technology all that is needed to maximize performance? Join this on-demand webinar to hear from industry experts on what really matters for your network design, and learn how to decipher the marketing hype vs. reality.

  • Is 802.11ac Wave 2 the answer?

    802.11ac Wave 2 is the latest standard, pushing your network even further beyond the Gigabit speed barrier, but is investing in the latest technology all that is needed to maximize performance? Join this on-demand webinar to hear from industry experts on what really matters for your network design, and learn how to decipher the marketing hype vs. reality.

  • Isle of Wight County Schools Case Study

    Aerohive Wireless Network Helps Historic Community Bolster Students’ Education with Online Learning and Testing

  • Jeff Davis County Case Study

    Jeff Davis County Schools Chooses Aerohive and Deploys HiveSchool App for Increased Student Engagement

  • John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School Case Study

    Reliable Aerohive Wi-Fi network at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School makes 1-to-1 learning easy

  • Kali Protectives Case Study

    Sporting Goods Company Enables Mobility with Aerohive

  • Kunde & Co Case Study

    Kunde & Co chooses Aerohive to future proof its wireless network

  • Lamar County School District Case Study

    Fastest-Growing School District in Mississippi Chooses Aerohive to Meet Needs for Density and Digital Instruction

  • Learn how Two Schools Keep Kids Engaged with HiveSchool

    Jeff Davis County Schools & Guerin Prep School Provide a Collaborative, Effective Learning Experience for their Students. Having teaching challenges in the classroom can be frustrating. Aerohive is introducing a new free teaching application - HiveSchool - to help you keep your classroom on task and engaged.

  • Lee County Public Schools Case Study

    One of Largest School Districts in the Nation Selects Aerohive for Cloud- Enabled Wireless Network

  • Leveraging Mobility: How government agencies can boost productivity with bring your own device (BYOD)

    This white paper will take government agencies through the necessary connectivity and productivity requirements and explain how Aerohive can help ensure the network is truly ready for the mobility explosion. This will include an overview of the necessary access, authentication, and security options, as well as a focus on how to properly manage devices once they are on the network — one of the most overlooked aspects of a BYOD implementation. Networks should be prepared to make all devices attached to it productive and compliant for a successful BYOD implementation.

  • Lippert Group Case Study

    Lippert group chooses Aerohive Networks wireless infrastructure

  • Logansport Community School Corporation Case Study

    Logansport Community School Corporation Relies on Aerohive’s Cloud-Enabled Controller-less Wi-Fi to Support 1:1 Initiative

  • Long Island Veterinary Specialists Case Study

    Wi-Fi Helps Specialty Vet Center to Provide State-of-the-Art Pet Care

  • Lubbock Christian University Case Study

    University in Texas Chooses Manageable, Reliable, and Interoperable Wireless Networking from Aerohive

  • MassChallenge Case Study

    Global Startup Incubator Deploys Cloud Networking and Gigabit Wi-Fi for Innovative Network Solution

  • Memorial Hermann Health System Case Study

    Aerohive Enables Memorial Hermann Health System to Deliver Secure and Reliable Wireless Network for Mission-Critical Patient Care

  • Michigan Blood Case Study

    Michigan Blood Selects Aerohive to Deliver Secure and Scalable Networking Solution

  • Microsoft Lync Support in Application Visibility & Control

    With Aerohive’s Application Visibility & Control (AVC) feature in HiveManager, Aerohive devices can now automatically detect Lync traffic and report it on HiveManager’s dashboard. Aerohive’s AVC feature in HiveManager helps IT administrators to view Lync traffic usage across different users, clients, devices, and locations.

  • Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust Case Study

    Mid Essex Prescribes Wireless Network for New Hospital, Selects Aerohive to Support Acute Healthcare Services and Infection Control

  • Mobile-First Enterprise: Easing The IT Burden

    10 Requirements for Optimizing Your Network for Mobility

  • Mobility Changes Everything: Leverage the Power of Aerohive

    The mobility trends of today demonstrate that controller-based technology may no longer be appropriate for the latest challenges presented by mobile-first enterprise deployments and the move to gigabit Wi-Fi (802.11ac).

  • Mobility Optimized Access Layer Solution Brief

    Aerohive provides comprehensive access solutions for the mobile-first enterprise. Built from the ground up for today’s challenges, Aerohive sets new standards for how to address the global trends that are impacting every organization with a unique and powerful combination of distributed networking intelligence and an industry leading, cloud services infrastructure. This allows Aerohive to deliver secure, mobility-optimized access to every site with consistent, predictable service and maximum security.

  • Mobility Suite At-a-Glance

    The Aerohive Mobility Suite featuring Client Management and ID Manager applications leverages Aerohive’s industry-first Cooperative Control HiveOS platforms and extends management and control over the complete spectrum of clients, from transient guests to company-issued devices.

  • Montgomery College Case Study

    Montgomery College Selects Aerohive for Controller-Less and Flexible Wi-Fi

  • Muskogee Public Schools Case Study

    Muskogee Public Schools Upgrades Existing Wireless Solution to Aerohive, Provides Easier-to-Manage, Next-Generation Solution for 21st –Century Classrooms

  • Naropa University Case Study

    Naropa University Offloads Controllers for Robust Wireless Network Solution

  • Next Generation Access Network - Protocols are Free

    Yesterday's de facto standard architecture is commonly referred to as the, “controller-based” architecture. It involves one or more controllers and controller-based (lightweight, thin) access points (APs). Aerohive re-introduced what every router and switch network already used as a defacto standard – fully distributed control plane leveraging free protocols with a centralized network management system, eliminating the need for a centralized Controller. The controller-less solution.

  • NHS Lincolnshire Case Study

    NHS Lincolnshire chooses Aerohive’s Branch on Demand Solution

  • NHS Newham Case Study

    United Kingdom’s NHS Newham Deploys an Intuitive Wireless Network from Aerohive to Drive Down Operating Expenses

  • Nicolet National Bank Case Study

    Nicolet National Bank Upgrades Wireless Network Architecture for Complete Mobile Banking Solution

  • North Kansas City Schools Case Study

    North Kansas City Schools Wipes Out Density Issues with Robust Wireless Solution from Aerohive

  • Northwest Community Credit Union Case Study

    Credit Union Deploys Network Solution for Enhanced Member Experience

  • Norwich School Case Study

    Historic School gets 21st Century Network to support e-learning in an increasingly mobile environment

  • Oakham School Case Study

    Next-Generation Cloud Networking from Aerohive Gives Oakham School Advanced Mobility

  • Oberto Case Study

    Oberto Brands Selects Aerohive for Enterprise Wi-Fi

  • Oise Department Council Case Study

    With Aerohive Networks, Oise Council Encourages Digital Mobility in its Junior Secondary Schools

  • Ormiston Senior College Case Study

    Personalised e-Learning Made Easy with Aerohive Wi-Fi

  • Oxford Brookes University Case Study

    Aerohive Addresses Runaway Growth of Student and Staff Wireless Devices

  • PCI 3.0 Compliance and Security for Retailers Solution Brief

    The Aerohive Personalized Engagement Platform provides a flexible, high-performance Wi-Fi network with advanced security features that address PCI 3.0 requirements. Gain a highly secure way to personalize the shopping experience for in-store customers while complementing your PCI compliance goals.

  • Pender County School District Case Study

    North Carolina School District Boosts Students’ Performance by Running Apple Devices over Aerohive Wi-Fi

  • Personal Device Access and Guest Access Datasheet

    Personal Device Access and Guest Access are next generation solutions for management of personal and guest devices. Both solutions help reduce workload for IT departments in enterprises and large education organizations, through automated, self-service workflows for on-boarding of BYOD and guest devices onto the network.

  • Pet Supplies Plus Case Study

    Retailer Pet Supplies Plus Chooses Aerohive for Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Networking

  • Phocabby

    Phocabby Uses Aerohive to Connect Interactive Experience Platforms with Wireless Internet

  • Pinnacol Assurance Case Study

    Pinnacol Assurance Selects Aerohive for Wi-Fi

  • PointClickCare Solution Brief

    Uninterrupted access to EHR platforms, such as PointClickCare has become critical to the operational success of thousands of senior care organizations. Loss of access to the software can have serious implications. In order to optimize EHR, it is critical for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living homes, and CCRC communities to have a secure, reliable Wi-Fi network infrastructure in place to provide secure, anytime, anywhere access to the application.

  • PPSK – Secure and Simple WLAN Access Without The Complexity

    Aerohive’s unique Private Pre-shared key functionality allows every device on the network to be given an individual key to the network, and thus unique identifier, without the drawbacks and complexity of RADIUS solutions, or the weaknesses of a shared PSK. With the ability to easily onboard and identify devices, organizations can scale their network for BYOD and IoT support without security or complexity concerns.

  • Public or Private Cloud: The Choice is Yours Whitepaper

    The debate waging between deploying either public or private cloud services has remained to be a major worry and source of confusion among IT managers. This paper helps to define and differentiate between private and public cloud services in order to make a well-informed decision on which service to implement.

  • Pulaski County Special School District Case Study

    Large Urban School District Deploys Aerohive and Paves the Way for Gigabit Wi-Fi

  • Queens University of Charlotte Case Study

    Queens University of Charlotte Extends Reliable, Centrally Managed WLAN Throughout its Sprawling Campus with Aerohive

  • Radio Resource Management in HiveOS Solution Brief

    Radio conditions change rapidly, and responding to a constantly-shifting environment requires that a network have the agility to react quickly. In this paper learn how Aerohive’s cooperative control architecture was designed to enable distributed algorithms to support real-time processing, and this capability is used extensively within the radio management subsystem of HiveOS, the Aerohive operating system.

  • Raleigh County Schools Case Study

    Aerohive Enables 802.11ac in Raleigh County Schools, Further Advances District’s 1:1 Initiative with Latest Standard in Wi-Fi Industry

  • Retail Analytics At a Glance

    The Aerohive Personalized Engagement Platform gives retailers a new way to optimize customer acquisition, loyalty, and engagement in brick-and-mortar locations. Going beyond just providing high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi access in stores or offices, Aerohive Retail Analytics provides insight into business intelligence and consumer behavior in and around stores regardless of whether the customer has joined the Wi-Fi network.

  • Retail Made Personal Brochure

    Aerohive’s proven access solutions enable retailers of all sizes to use mobility to increase productivity, engage customers, and grow their businesses.

  • Retail Made Personal Whitepaper

    Make the shopping experience personal, relevant, and profitable

  • Retail Solution Summary

    Aerohive’s personalized engagement platform uses a unique mobility architecture and cloud- enabled services and applications to deliver an enhanced customer experience for shoppers, and greater insights for retailers.

  • Retailers Gain Simpler, Budget-Friendly WLAN Options Whitepaper

    Retailing companies often must support many geographically dispersed sites on a shoestring IT budget. The wireless LANs (WLANs) in these sites are often small, but they nevertheless need business-class capabilities, such as advanced security protection and centralized management, which often add a premium to the price tag. New WLAN architectures and deployment models, however, have emerged to offer more options to help retailers get what they need while sticking to their budgets.

  • Rethink Your Branch Network Strategy

    In today’s virtual enterprise, access to corporate resources must be secure, reliable, and manageable, with consistently enforced policy while simultaneously allowing access from anywhere at any time. This is why access network strategies have become critical to business growth. If IT can empower every remote worker with the full capabilities available at headquarters, the business can differentiate itself and directly influence the company’s bottom line.

  • Rethinking Traditional Architectures for Enterprise Wireless Networks, by IDC

    Wireless LAN’s are changing in order to cope with new demands from mobility such as BYOD, the Internet of Things and cloud services. As a result, organizations are having to find new ways to design, deploy and support their infrastructure. Moreover, lean budgets, geographically distributed deployments and, in some cases, a lack of onsite RF expertise pose additional potential obstacles for network managers. This paper from IDC explores the trends, challenges, and solutions that the latest generations of WiFi architecture deliver.

  • RHA Health Services Case Study

    Healthcare Provider Deploys Aerohive Wi-Fi to Support EMR System

  • Rimi Baltic Case Study

    Retail Giant Mobilises Workforce Across 236 Stores with Aerohive Networks

  • Riverbanks Zoo & Garden Case Study

    Aerohive Provides Outdoor Wi-Fi to Riverbanks Zoo & Garden to Bolster Operations

  • Riverside Health Care Systems, Inc. Case Study

    Four Health Care Facilities, Thousands of Employees, and Hundreds of Doctors, with One Wireless LAN Solution from Aerohive

  • Riverside Unified School District Case Study

    Large School District Implements One-to-One Tablet Computer Program

  • Routers At-a-Glance

    Aerohive’s innovative new routers combine 802.11n performance, wired/wireless connectivity and enterprise grade security via the cloud.

  • Rowan-Salisbury School System Case Study

    Large School District Selects Aerohive for Cloud-Networking Wireless Solution to Enable 1:1 for All Students

  • Saber Healthcare Group Case Study

    Aerohive WLAN gives healthcare provider edge in patient care

  • San Mateo Event Center Case Study

    The San Mateo Event Center uses a variety of Aerohive APs for a high- performance, scalable wireless LAN

  • Santa Clara County Library District Case Study

    Aerohive Wireless Solution Enables Santa Clara County Library District to Offer Enhanced Services and Superior Guest Wi-Fi

  • Schools Graduate to Enterprise Class Wi-Fi Whitepaper

    Online multimedia and interactive educational applications are invading the classroom and prompting schools to take a fresh look at what’s possible with the latest in wireless LAN technology. This paper examines how schools can apply 802.11n enterprise-class Wi-Fi technology in ways that pay while overcoming such traditional challenges as shrinking budgets, high network management costs, and nagging performance and reliability troubles.

  • Schöpfen Sie aus dem Vollen und nutzen Sie Ihr Datenvolumen gänzlich aus: Vernetzte Menschen & Dinge

    die erfolgreichen Organisationen von heute wollen stetig effizient sein und dabei ihren Ertrag und ihre Wettbewerbsvorteile ausbauen. Neue Technologien können hierbei unterstützen.

    Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar und lernen Sie dabei:

    • Wie Sie das Daten-Volmen an vernetzten Nutzern, Geräten und Apps gänzlich nutzen können
    • Neue IT-Werkzeuge zur Kundenbindung kennen
    • Schlüsselkompetenzen für Lieferantenbewertungen, einschließlich APIs und Anwendungs-Ökosystemen zu identifizieren

  • Scotmid Co-operative Society Ltd. Case Study

    Scottish Retailer Chooses Aerohive for Warehouse, Headquarters, Retail Stores

  • Securing Your Wireless LAN

    With most organizations now utilizing the power of Wi-Fi to enable smart mobile devices for working, learning, transacting, etc, it is imperative that transmitted data is secure and that only authorized devices are connecting to your network. There are several options for securing your Wi-Fi, but you want to make sure you're using the best type for your organization.

  • Seminole County Public Schools Case Study

    Seminole County Public Schools Extends Reliable, Centrally Managed WLAN throughout its Sprawling Florida District with Aerohive

  • Septodont Incorporated Case Study

    Aerohive Administers Pain-Free Wireless For Septodont’s Global ERP Rollout

  • Seven Guidelines to Support Standardized Testing

    With a nearly $400 million dollar investment from the US Department of Education, school systems across the US are moving their current standardized testing to online services to accurately and efficiently measure student achievement and growth. School IT departments have until the 2014-2015 school year to prep their networks for online assessments. Many states have resources that provide guidelines to ensure accurate testing implementations, but the direction for network preparations are still a little unclear.

  • Sfruttare la miniera d'oro dei Big Data: persone e cose connesse

    oggi le organizzazioni di successo sono costantemente alla ricerca di nuova business intelligence attraverso cui aumentare l'efficienza operativa, i profitti e il vantaggio competitivo.

    Partecipa a questa sessione per esplorare le possibilità che hai a disposizione e scoprire:

    • Come sfruttare la miniera d'oro dei Big Data rappresentata da utenti, dispositivi e app connessi
    • Nuovi strumenti per fornire informazioni dettagliate e promuovere la crescita, dai reparti addetti al coinvolgimento dei clienti alle attività operative, alla logistica, alle infrastrutture e molto altro ancora
    • Individuare le funzionalità essenziali per la valutazione dei fornitori, le loro API ed gli ecosistemi di applicazioni

  • Sheehy Auto Group Case Study

    Sheehy Auto Group Selects Aerohive for Exceptional Customer Experience and Greater Corporate Efficiency

  • Siena Heights University Case Study

    University Gets Major Campus Wi-Fi Upgrade with Aerohive Deployment

  • Simpli-fi Point of Care Solution Brief

    The Aerohive Simpli-Fi Solution is built on Wi-Fi mesh technology for access-point-to-access-point direct communication. With a fully distributed data forwarding and control plane architecture, Aerohive Simpli-Fi eliminates dependency on Wi-Fi controllers and remote WAN connections for superior performance. Caregivers and clinicians receive nonstop access to their critical applications and patient data.

  • Single Band Sector Antenna Datasheet

    The Aerohive indoor single-band lightweight antenna is well suited for applications where 120° H-plane and 70° E-plane is most optimal.

  • SLA Compliance: Wireless Fidelity Achieved Whitepaper

    Aerohive delivers the next level in network visibility and reactive response with a new infrastructure-side performance monitoring and response system: SLA Compliance. By increasing the troubleshooting granularity and active response speed far beyond what any IT professional could accomplish manually, SLA Compliance allows IT to make Wi-Fi performance guarantees.

  • Smart Mobility Platform for Retailers

    This whiteboard video outlines the mobility trends impacting retailers and the benefits of adopting Aerohive's Smart Mobility Platform.

  • Smart Mobility Platform for Retailers Solution Brief

    Major technology trends are changing the landscape of the Retail Industry. Empowered shoppers enabled with smart phones, fast growth of E-commerce raising consumer expectations in terms of lower prices and better customer experience and lastly, Web analytics providing online retailers with valuable customer buying trends have forced the traditional retailers to change the way they deliver customer shopping experience.

  • Smart Mobility Platform for Retailers Whitepaper

    Advent of Smart phones and the adoption of E-commerce has permanently changed the landscape of Retail industry and the overall shopping experience for the customers. Customers are in a position to tell retailers Where, When and How they prefer to shop as the shopping experience is no longer confined to the time in the store. Customers research products, store alternatives, compare prices and read opinions from a variety of mobile devices pre-dominantly with Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • SMARTRAC Case Study

    Aerohive Networks ID Manager provides self service mobility and guest registration for easier network management, improved availability and functionaliity

  • Snapper Services Ltd Case Study

    Aerohive makes ‘IT’ snappy for city transport systems

  • Snowline Joint Unified School District Case Study

    Snowline Joint Unified School District Embraces 21st Century Learning Initiative and Supports Common Core SBAC Testing with Aerohive’s Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

  • South Carolina Dept. of Probation, Parole & Pardon Services Case Study

    Aerohive Cooperative Control Wireless LAN Brings Security, Availability, and Manageability to Widely Distributed State Agency

  • Southington Public School District Case Study

    Connecticut School District Flexible Enterprise Wireless Infrastructure with Aerohive

  • SR2024P Switch Datasheet

    The SR2024P platform is a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet access switch with 4 additional 1 Gigabit SFP ports. 24 Ethernet ports support high-power PoE (Power over Ethernet), and the entire device supports the feature-rich capabilities of HiveOS, including RADIUS, 802.1X security, and cloud-based management

  • SR2124P Switch Datasheet

    The SR2124P platform is a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet access switch with 4 additional 10 Gigabit SFP ports. All Ethernet ports support high-power PoE (Power over Ethernet+), and the entire device supports the feature-rich capabilities of HiveOS, including RADIUS, 802.1X security, and cloud-based management.

  • SR2148P Switch Datasheet

    The SR2148P platform is a 48-port Gigabit Ethernet access switch with 4 additional 10 Gigabit SFP ports. All Ethernet ports support high-power PoE (Power over Ethernet+), and the entire device supports the feature-rich capabilities of HiveOS, including RADIUS, 802.1X security, and cloud-based management.

  • State & Local Government Solution Summary

    From government offices and courtrooms to public libraries and county parks, there is a dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices to improve worker flexibility, provide better public services, reduce wired infrastructure, and improve communication and collaboration. Aerohive enables mobility in a simple, secure, and scalable manner, with a unique distributed control Wi-Fi and wired solution, combined with a cloud services platform that makes it easier to manage distributed networks.

  • Stephenson Harwood Case Study

    International law firm, Stephenson Harwood, chooses Aerohive to deliver business-class Wi-Fi for new central London hub

  • StudentManager & TeacherView: Giving Teachers Control of Wireless Computing in the Classroom Solution Brief

    As 1:1 laptop programs become more common and as curricula allow students more access to computing and personalization of their computers, teachers have found themselves becoming both the first line of network support for their students and the content traffic cop, which draws them away from their central role as educators. This solution brief will describe Aerohive's TeacherView application, which provides a very compelling tool to enable the network control teachers need to make 1:1 programs succeed.

  • StudentManager Datasheet

    Aerohive Networks StudentManager is a powerful monitoring and reporting system for school districts who use Aerohive HiveAPs for wireless access. StudentManager is designed to provide a school district with a single solution to monitor and track wireless client use in schools, as well as put power into the hands of classroom administrators while instructing using a wireless network.

  • Suburban Library Cooperative Case Study

    Suburban Library Cooperative Relies on Aerohive’s Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solution to Keep Over Two Dozen Michigan Libraries Wirelessly Connected Customer Overview

  • Switches At-a-Glance

    Aerohive Networks SR platforms combine enterprise-class access switching with cloud-enabled management, on-demand provisioning, and secure branch routing to provide the industry’s most advanced networking feature set to the edge of your network.

  • Tapping the Big Data Goldmine: Connected People & Things

    Today’s successful organizations are constantly looking for new business intelligence to increase operational efficiency, revenue and competitive advantage. Watch this session to uncover the possibilities:

    • How to tap into the big data goldmine of connected users, devices, and apps
    • New tools to fuel insight and growth from customer engagement departments, to operations, logistics, facilities and more
    • Identify critical capabilities for vendor assessment, including APIs and application ecosystems

  • Tennessee Tech University Case Study

    Tennessee Tech University Extends Reliable, Centrally Managed WLAN throughout its Sprawling Campus with Aerohive

  • The Aerohive Story in Two Minutes

    Watch the Aerohive Story in 2 minutes!

  • The Benefits of Cloud Networking Whitepaper

    Cloud networking introduces a new way to deploy, operate, and manage distributed enterprise networks. It delivers enterprise-class network capabilities via a cloud infrastructure that requires little or no capital investment in additional appliances or IT resources. This white paper will provide details about cloud networking, the state of the cloud market, its benefits, and Aerohive’s cloud-enabled networking platform and its current cloud networking offerings.

  • The Boyd Group Case Study

    Largest Auto Repair Retailer in North America Chooses Aerohive for Unified Enterprise Wireless Network

  • The British School of Brussels Case Study

    Wireless Foundation provides hands-on high tech learning experience for students

  • The College of William & Mary Case Study

    Historic University Prepares for the Future with Aerohive Wi-Fi Solution

  • The Gilbert School Case Study

    The Gilbert School Transforms Learning with Aerohive Wi-Fi

  • The Importance of Building High-Availability Wireless LANs Whitepaper

    The last 5 years of enterprise wireless LANs have enabled IT professionals to push high-availability techniques to the network edge, closer to users than ever before. By eliminating the need for controllers, the Cooperative Control Architecture from Aerohive Networks delivers unprecedented levels of availability, resiliency and scalability to mission-critical WLANs while significantly reducing the costs and complexity associated with controller deployments.

  • The John Marshall Law School Case Study

    Manageable, Reliable Wireless Networking for Law School Uses Cooperative Control Wireless LAN from Aerohive

  • The Leys School Case Study

    Offering Pupils ‘Home-from-Home’ Wi-Fi Experience with Aerohive

  • The Life and Death of the WLAN Controller

    With the introduction of 802.11ac and the explosion of mobile devices on enterprise networks, controller-based networks may adversely affect user experience and require expensive upgrades and added management complexity. The mobility trends of today demonstrate that controller-based technology may no longer be appropriate for the latest challenges presented by mobile-first enterprise deployments and the move to gigabit Wi-Fi (802.11ac).

  • The Madeira School Case Study

    Aerohive Delivers Manageable, Reliable, Flexible WLAN for Boarding School

  • The Network Impact of 802.11n Whitepaper

    802.11n promises to bring revolutionary advances in bandwidth, throughput, and reliability to the wireless LAN. It will also have a perhaps unforeseen impact on the wired network, as well. Bandwidth, throughput and reliability will now become an end-to-end network problem, particularly in cases where the WLAN is deployed as network infrastructure rather than as an overlay.

  • The New Mobility: Astonishingly Simple and Powerful

    Mobility has not only changed how we live, it is also dramatically changing the network infrastructures that we rely on. For the better. As organizations cope with a tidal wave of mobile users, mobile applications, and demand for pervasive access, it’s becoming clearer that prior-generation approaches to providing mobility are breaking. Aerohive innovation eliminates the hardware, complex management, and cost-intensive elements of traditional wireless networks.

  • The State of Wi-Fi in Education and its Impact on Digital Learning  

    How do your connected tech and network investments contribute to your school’s learning outcomes? If the answer is ‘I’d like to know more’, you’re not alone – and this webinar is for you. Almost 2/3rds of schools and colleges lack visibility of devices, apps and users using the network. Which makes it impossible to know bandwidth is going to the right educational uses, not down the plughole.

  • The Top In-Store Trends for Customer Engagement with Cloud4Wi and Jade Solutions

    In this on-demand webinar, Cloud4Wi, Jade Solutions, and Aerohive will discuss the key trends and opportunities as well as how Clarks is creating a continuously connected experience while deriving valuable customer demographics and preferences.

  • The VeldhovenGroup Case Study

    The VeldhovenGroup Fashions Seamless WLAN from Aerohive

  • Toyota Racing Series Case Study

    Real Time Racing on and off the track

  • Trends in Wireless Networking for Healthcare Organizations Whitepaper

    Healthcare organizations initially adopted Wi-Fi networking primarily for providing guest access to the Internet and other non-critical internal resources. Today, the trend is toward using Wi-Fi to support critical patient-care applications, provide mobile capabilities for care providers, and enable wireless clinical monitoring and tracking devices. This paper addresses trends in Wi-Fi usage and strategies in healthcare organizations.

  • Tyndale Christian School Case Study

    Reliable Aerohive Wi-Fi network at Tyndale Christian School makes 1-to-1 learning easy

  • U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon Case Study

    Aerohive Powers Wi-Fi for DOE Solar Decathlon Competition

  • Ubiquitous Wireless Network for Law Firms and Legal Offices Whitepaper

    The landscape of IT supporting law firms and government legal agencies has changed irreversibly in the last few years owing to the technology trends. These organizations have embraced technology to usher improved productivity, mitigate security & compliance risks. and reduce the overall IT costs. Aerohive has pioneered a cloud-enabled access solution with the same tenets and has enabled several of the well-known law firms and agencies around the world to meet the IT challenges.

  • Ultralight Branch Whitepaper from Nemertes

    The distributed, virtualizing enterprise seeks to limit—or break—the relationship between physical location and the ability of a business to function. By shifting from traditional mid-sized to small branches to larger numbers of very small locations, the enterprise can more agilely address its business needs and opportunities.

  • Union School District Case Study

    Union School District Sees Tremendous Value in Technology-Assisted Education from Aerohive

  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Case Study

    Faculty of Law Drives Wireless Network Initiative, Chooses Aerohive

  • University of Bedfordshire Case Study

    University of Bedfordshire Selects Aerohive’s WLAN to Support Additional Demand from Tech-Savvy Students

  • University of North Georgia Case Study

    University Deploys Aerohive for Scalable and Cost-Effective Wireless Network Solution

  • University of Oxford and Cambridge Case Study

    University of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges React to Increased Demand on Network by Selecting Aerohive

  • Vail School District Case Study

    Arizona School District Pioneers Technology in Education and Relies on Robust Solution from Aerohive

  • Val Thorens Ski Resort Case Study

    French Vacation Resort Offers Wi-Fi to Visitors, Easy Management to IT Staff

  • Vancouver School Board Case Study

    Vancouver School Board Chooses Aerohive for Massive Network Solution to Enable Digital Learning

  • VPN Gateway Datasheet

    The Aerohive VPN Gateway is a single, rapidly deployable VPN termination appliance that is scalable to handle thousands of VPN connections from Aerohive’s branch routers.

  • VPN Gateway Virtual Appliance Datasheet

    Aerohive’s VPN Gateway Virtual Appliance is designed to simplify VPN termination for thousands of remote workers in an innovative, new way. The heart of the product is a lightweight, software-based solution for VMware-compliant equipment; the soul of it is an enterprise-class VPN concentrator terminating thousands of VPN tunnels from remote access locations.

  • Case Study

    Aerohive provides the largest e-commerce distribution center of the world with wifi access points

  • West Bloomfield School District Case Study

    Exemplary Michigan School District Makes the Leap to Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

  • West Valley-Mission Community College District Case Study

    West Valley-Mission Community College District ‘Makes the Grade’ with Aerohive’s Next-Generation Wireless Network

  • Wheaton Academy Case Study

    A College Preparatory, Inter-denominational Christian High School

  • Why RF-IQ

    RF-IQ shapes the RF environment to provide the most optimal experience for all types of client devices and applications.

  • Wi-Fi Do's and Dont's

    Wi-Fi is continually evolving to keep up with the growing demand for always-on mobile connectivity. With an increasing number of devices and applications fighting for bandwidth, now is the time to start planning for 802.11ac. However, simply adding 802.11ac access points may not be enough to increase performance. Join this webinar to learn how to manage the bandwidth you have today, and how to prepare for the future of your mobile-centric network.

  • Wi-Fi Provides Rx for Healthcare Challenges Whitepaper

    The healthcare environment naturally lends itself to wireless networking, given the inherently mobile nature of physicians, nurses, orderlies, and others who move from bed to bed or examining room to examining room, ministering to patients. This paper looks at how healthcare providers are using wireless LANs creatively to improve patient care and to realize much-needed cost efficiencies. It also discusses the primary challenges health organizations face in their deployments and offers up solutions for successfully addressing them.

  • Wi-Fi Security – More Control, Less Complexity With PPSK

    To draw on the strengths of both Pre-Shared Key and IEEE 802.1X, without incurring the shortcomings of either, Aerohive’s unique ‘Private’ Pre-Shared Key functionality helps organizations to easily yet securely on-board a range of users and devices, by issuing individual pre-shared keys on the same SSID.

  • WiFi Is a Game Changer for the Connected Enterprise

    In this white paper, Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research, explores how digital transformation is a top priority for businesses and IT leaders.

  • Wireless LAN Best Practices for Compliant Care Whitepaper

    Healthcare is an ever-changing and consistently challenging environment for technology, but Aerohive has a unique focus on ensuring the wireless LAN and access layer are easy to deploy, configure, manage, and monitor. Regardless of where you live around the world, technology is going to continue to play a larger and more critical role in healthcare, and it is important to stay informed and in compliance with all regulatory compliance requirements.

  • WLAN Buyer’s Guide: The definitive guide for evaluating enterprise WLAN networks

    It is crucial to thoroughly understand the systems management capabilities of any WLAN being considered, since this will be the largest ongoing expense of the overall deployment. The vendor should list and clearly describe every element of the central management system required. Learn how to evaluate properly by reading Aerohive's WLAN Definitive Guide.

  • WLAN Management Moves to the Cloud Farpoint Group Whitepaper

    Cloud-based WLAN management is poised to become a major alternative in the network management space. In fact, Farpoint Group believes that a majority of WLAN installations will be using cloud-based management over the next five years.

  • Wodonga Institute of TAFE Case Study

    Aerohive Networks brings significant cost savings and high network performance to Wodonga Institute of TAFE

  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Case Study

    Premier Global Oceanographic Institution Chooses Aerohive for Enterprise Wi-Fi Solution

  • État du Wi-Fi dans l’éducation | Impact sur l’apprentissage numérique

    Comment les investissements que vous engagez dans les technologies connectées et les réseaux influent-ils sur les résultats de vos étudiants ? Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus (et vous n’êtes pas le seul), ce webinaire est fait pour vous.

Gartner 2015 Critical Capabilities Report

Aerohive Networks Recognized in Gartner 2015 Critical Capabilities for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure Report

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