Simple, Secure Wired and Wireless Mobility Platform with Customer Analytics for Retailers

Retailers rely on the right wireless network to meet the requirements of today's customers empowered with smart phones. From connecting stores, warehouses, distribution centers, and staff offices to delivering valuable shopping data from in-store customers, the right wireless network can transform the shopping experience and ignite new levels of customer brand loyalty. The successful retailers realize the value of in-store WiFi for providing comprehensive in-store coverage and secured guest Internet access for customers to check product details, read reviews, and availability in the aisle.

Aerohive's cloud-enabled wireless network can deliver a zero-touch, auto-provisioned network, complete with wired and wireless connectivity for transparent access from anywhere and meets the stringent compliance requirement of Payment card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Retail employees in remote cities need not be tech-savvy to install and configure equipment and centralized policy deployment maintains security and access privileges to network capabilities. Aerohive also provides Retail Analytics solution as a feature without additional cost or licenses in all access points and routers with Wi-Fi. Aerohive Retail Analytics uses standard Wi-Fi signaling and advanced heuristics to report actionable customer behavior analysis to improve shopping experience and optimize business operations. For Aerohive customers, Retail Analytics can be enabled for free in just a few steps.

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Features & Benefits



Simple, Zero-Touch Deployment Model for branch routers, Wi-Fi networks, and switches

  • No need for wireless or networking expertise 
  • Just plug in the router, access point, or switch
  • The device will “phone home” and get its configuration from a single, centralized HiveManager
  • Changes are automatically pushed to the device

Comprehensive Retail Analytics for Physical Retailers

  • Free retail analytics included with every access point or router with Wi-Fi
  • Integrated in HiveManager (public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise) dashboard
  • Standard (free) version offers visitor traffic data, engagement & loyalty metrics, and historical data for unlimited stores
  • Advanced version available from Euclid for more in-depth analytics and tools

Centralized Management across multiple sites from a single console or online service

  • Same HiveManager for routers, access points, and switches
  • Unified wired/wireless policies enable the same experience for both wired and wireless access
  • Offers easy-to-use management for streamlining operations and reducing opex (operating expenses)
  • Enables management in central locations, simplifying operation in distributed sites
  • Provides easy access to PCI reports

Fast, Secure Roaming and Identity-based Security enforced in every access point and branch router as a user connects

  • Enhances security above and beyond 802.11's inherent authentication and over-the-air encryption including firewall, WIPS, VPN, RADIUS, and Active Directory support
  • Users can easily and securely roam between access points and the router with no loss in connectivity.

Secure Guest Access with Integrated Captive Web Portal

  • Provides easy-to-deploy guest access
  • Offers multiple methods to ensure acceptable use or guest authentication
  • Provides protection against intrusions by temporary users

Mesh Technology for AP-to-AP Direct Communications

  • Ensures highest levels of network availability and resiliency, as network "self heals" around any failure points
  • Eliminates need to cable APs to switches in difficult-to-wire locations

Simple Pricing Model and No Feature Licensing

  • Grows with your needs (linear cost curve as you grow)
  • Eliminates budget "surprises" as you need additional features for new applications (i.e. QoS, VPN, mesh)
Fully Distributed Processing, Data Forwarding, and Control Architecture
  • Reduces capex (capital expenditures) because no controller purchases are required
  • Results in higher network performance and uptime – no controller bottlenecks and no dependence on a vulnerable WAN connection to a remote controller
  • Improves budget control with the ability to "pay as you grow"
Subscription Model for Remote Sites
  • Provides maximum flexibility enabling easy storefront provisioning or even temporary deployments
  • Eliminates pre-staging and remote IT expertise requirements
  • Built in network-based mobile device management