HQ and Capus Branch Offices Teleworkers & Micro-Branches Guest Access

Teleworkers and Micro-Branches Wi-Fi and VPN

Teleworker or micro-branch locations typically feature very small deployments of only a few access points. But while the user count may be small, the cost of support is not; particularly when the number of such locations is considered. Deploying a VPN typically requires enormous amounts of management and support, especially if the VPN is going to a non-technical user. Wireless access points deployed to these locations typically do not feature the enterprise-class features that users require, and add additional management problems as well. Finally, no matter how small the remote location is, corporate security policies still need to be followed; an impossibility with a consumer-class device.

Telework and Small Branch Networking Solution

Aerohive has the answer. By leveraging our unique Cloud Services Platform, Aerohive has enabled our routers to automatically get their configuration from the HiveManager, either in a public cloud or in your private cloud. Admins just need to create the configuration in their account, order the Aerohive BR100 routers that are specially designed for teleworkers and micro-branches (generally 1 to 10 people) and have them shipped directly to the workers’ site. No need to install VPNs, download client software onto each user device, train users on VPN use, or send experts onsite to validate the routers’ configuration – that is all taken care of by the Aerohive Cloud Services Platform.

Now even teleworkers and micro-branches can have the security and privacy of a headquarters office without worrying about trying to save money through generic, off-the shelf access points, or bother with their ongoing management issues. When the BR100 is powered up, it will automatically find its HiveManager, download the configuration, and start enforcing corporate network use and security policies – even securely separating personal traffic from corporate traffic with real-time stateful firewalling capability.

And because HiveManager provides a single centralized interface to configure and manage the Aerohive BR100 routers, managing a thousand devices is literally as easy as managing one.

This solution, known as Aerohive’s Branch On Demand, dramatically simplifies large-scale roll out and management of secure teleworker and microbranch networks by leveraging the cloud to unlock efficiencies never before possible with traditional branch office network architectures.