Extending Your Enterprise with Branch on Demand™

The continued decentralization of the traditional corporate office is being driven by a number of major enterprise initiatives — homeshoring, teleworking, and the need to reduce real estate costs. These distributed enterprise initiatives place a great deal of pressure on IT, who is tasked with finding a way to cost effectively deliver HQ-like access, security, and performance to non-technical users who are often performing mission critical functions remotely. In many cases, these users can number in the hundreds, or even thousands.

Branch on Demand

Aerohive has the answer. Aerohive’s Branch on Demand™ is a cloud-enabled networking solution for remote locations that simplifies provisioning, management, security, and troubleshooting for remote deployments. The solution enables enterprises to provision branch office networks and teleworkers instantly, on-demand, with the robust Layer 2-7 corporate policy enforcement, enterprise class network visibility and remote remediation capabilities previously only available in complex, large branch solutions. This breakthrough teleworker and branch office networking solution enables all these advanced networking features across hundreds or thousands of branches and teleworkers with straight-to-site delivery and instant on-demand provisioning starting at $99 per office.

The heart of the Branch on Demand solution is the BR branch router platforms. Based on our robust HiveOS operating system, the BR routers require virtually no intervention from the end user at all. They simply plug the branch router in, and the device will leverage Aerohive's Cloud Services Platform to do the rest. The branch router will automatically find its HiveManager, whether it is located in the cloud or on premises, download the corporate wired and wireless security policies, establish its VPN connection, and the office is up and running in minutes. No need to pre-provision the hardware, download client software onto each user device, or train users on VPN use.

Operation is almost this simple from the administrator’s point of view as well. Admins simply set up the configuration, and provide the parameters for branch routers to acquire the config. Unified wired and wireless policies make it particularly easy to configure an entire network solution for all types of connected clients. Then, when a device comes online, HiveManager will automatically push the configuration to the device. HiveManager is completely out-of-band, so a WAN disturbance does not affect the branch network or the Aerohive WLAN at all. And because HiveManager provides a single centralized interface to configure and manage both Aerohive access points and branch office routers, managing a thousand devices is literally as easy as managing one.

Watch the 2-minute video: Branch on Demand: