802.11n Wireless Networks Migration with Aerohive

Aerohive's controller-less wireless LAN architecture is ideal for 802.11n networks because it eliminates the need to deploy the expensive, high-capacity controllers that are required to handle the increased throughput of this high-speed Wi-Fi networking standard. Removing controllers from the network also eliminates the bandwidth bottlenecks, latency, and jitter that result from backhauling traffic through a controller.

Resiliency is also increased when the single points of failure found in controller-based architectures are eliminated. The result is a scalable, wireless LAN that can support high-performance, mission-critical applications.

The Aerohive 802.11n access points allow for wireless mesh connections to operate at 802.11n speed and capacity – providing for better aggregation of access traffic and traffic that has been routed to it from a neighboring AP.