Bonjour Gateway

Aerohive has introduced native Bonjour awareness and control into our Cooperative Control architecture to support Apple’s “Zero-Configuration Networking” for products in the enterprise and educational institutions. To make networks service-aware and make Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with Apple devices a native part of every network, Aerohive has built a Bonjour Gateway to manage and control Apple service availability (such as AirPrintTM, AirPlay®, file sharing, collaboration applications, etc.) across an entire enterprise network. This patent-pending functionality is a native part of Aerohive’s HiveOS network operating system, and even non-Aerohive legacy networks can manage their Bonjour services by attaching a single Aerohive device, via a trunk port, to the network – the gateway functionality works out-of-band.
Bonjour underlies many services that are widely used on Apple-centric networks. By monitoring Bonjour advertisements, clients can learn the location (IP address and port) of any service, and then connect to it as with any other service. Bonjour transforms the manual process of configuring IP addresses and port numbers into a “plug-and-play” experience where users reference services by type and a human-readable name. Two notable examples are AirPrint and AirPlay, which advertise themselves through Bonjour to enable clients to print and display screens, respectively. AirPlay is especially valuable in many contexts for remote display from iOS devices and will be available for display from OSX with Mountain Lion.
Managing Apple services across an enterprise network is now extraordinarily simple: Aerohive Bonjour Gateway allows service advertisements to bridge network boundaries and makes sure they’re filtered based on identity, location, and time. By developing the industry’s first intelligent edge architecture built to control the shift in smart mobile devices as the primary access device, Aerohive has once again shown that cloud-enabled networks with distributed intelligence provide inherent network-based mobile device management, corral the “iEverything” BYOD explosion, and simplify the very complex enterprise network problem of how to deal with high-speed mobile smart devices.

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Bonjour Demo with Aerohive's Matthew Gast