Aerohive uses Cloud Management, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to radically simplify and secure the Access Network. Our Cloud Managed Wireless, Switching, Routing, and Security technologies provide unrivalled flexibility in deployment, management, and licensing. Credited with pioneering Controller-less Wi-Fi and Cloud-Managed Networking, Aerohive delivers continuous innovation at Cloud-speed that constantly challenges the industry norm, allowing customers to rethink what’s possible. Our innovations and global cloud footprint radically simplify Access Network operation for 30,000+ customers and 10+ million daily users.

Aerohive has a long history of rapidly innovating and radically simplifying Cloud Networking.

  • Industry Pioneer of Controller-less Wi-Fi and Cloud-Management
  • 1st major vendor to achieve ISO 27001 certification
  • 1st to offer a family of 802.11ax access points and first to market
  • 1st with an enterprise-grade pluggable access point

We are committed to being a disruptor. Constantly challenging the status quo. With technology driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, we deliver value that goes beyond wireless connectivity providing you with insightful data and advanced analytics that help you engage with your customers on a deeper level.


Take Control of Your Network. Your Way, Efficiently and Reliably.

  • Easy-to-use: Simplicity from the start with HiveManager, Aerohive’s centralized cloud-management platform for the network, offering intuitive solutions for everyday problems.
  • Save time: Choice and flexibility with plug & play subscription-free cloud management, unrivalled time-efficient deployment, and no feature licenses.
  • Solve problems: Get powerful client, network analytics and insights built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, to unlock new business intelligence based on client behavior.
  • Cost-effective: Provide seamless connectivity with a variety of self-sufficient access points with adaptive software protocols, cloud-driven AI, at an affordable price.
  • Scalable solution: Increase capacity by 4X that which you need to scale as BYOD grows with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi6).


The continuing digitization and globalization of our economy relies increasingly on the availability, control and processing of personal data. This presents opportunities for businesses and individuals. However, Aerohive is also aware of the public’s growing interest in understanding how their personal data may be collected and used, and concern for the importance of personal data protection. Aerohive is committed to the proper and secure use of personal data and we believe in full transparency to assure that users of our products and services understand fully the data we collect, how we use it and our associated responsibilities. Please review the following linked materials to understand better Aerohive’s responsibilities and your rights regarding your personal data.