Aerohive Provides Belgian Traffic Control with Secure Wi-Fi Network


  • Find a sustainable Wi-Fi network for the rising amount of tablets and smartphones
  • Needed a Wi-Fi network that doesn’t disturb radar connections with airplanes
  • Needed a scalable Wi-Fi network
  • Needed a secure and reliable network


  • Belgocontrol now has a secure Wi-Fi network
  • Thanks to the reliable and easy-to-manage network Belgocontrol can focus on their core business: keeping Belgian airspace safe

Aerohive Provides Belgian Traffic Control with Secure Wi-Fi Network


Belgocontrol is an air traffic controller in Belgium and takes care of safe air traffic over airport Zaventem and through Belgian airspace. The company delivers all necessary services to lead and manage air traffic.

The Belgocontrol Challenge

Belgocontrol has a mission: securing safe traffic through Belgian airspace. Belgocontrol always considered a Wi-Fi network as out of reach, because of the strict regulations an air traffic controller has to meet. Guests and employees connected to the internet using a classic LAN wire. With the rise of tablets and smartphones however, the situation became untenable and the company started looking for a Wi-Fi supplier. Belgocontrol had several important challenges in their search. Firstly, there is a risk of access points disturbing radar connections with airplanes. Secondly, it is important that the Wi-Fi network is scalable. Lastly, and most importantly the wireless network needs to be secure and reliable.

Econocom’s Help

Belgocontrol is a customer of one Aerohive’s resellers Econocom. Econocom advised Belgocontrol to choose the Aerohive solutions because of the scalability of the architecture. Econocom has been of great value to Belgocontrol. Together they did the testing phase, and gave advice about the RFP, organized the planning and trained Belgocontrol employees during the configuration period so they could manage the network themselves after implementation. Post installation Econocom remained available to fine-tune the network. The co- operation involved a real partnership, in which all parties worked together on the best Wi-Fi solution for Belgocontrol.

The Solution

Aerohive will supply six Belgocontrol buildings with a total surface of 10,000 m2 with access points. Taking into consideration that most of these buildings are largely made of glass, detailed site planning and good quality WiFi was necessary. Aerohive networks are controllerless, which meant the scalability requirement was instantly met. A physical controller has a limited quantity of access points it can control. Also, the safety tools are partly built-in to the access points with Aerohive so enforcing the security has been made easy with the Hive Manager. Guests can apply for a temporary Wi-Fi password through Aerohive’s managed PPSK feature at the reception desk. For example, such a password can be made valid only for a few hours. The IT department is spared from simple and repetitive tasks such as assigning access allowing them to focus.

Why Aerohive?

The security of the network was imperative for Belgocontrol and why they chose Aerohive. In addition, the scalability was an important requirement. Belgocontrol was able to tweak and experiment with the access points, to get a good impression of quality, reliability and features available through Aerohive’s Hive Manager. Belgocontrol got support from two experienced consultants, before, during and after the implementation.



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