Pinnacol Assurance
Pinnacol Assurance Selects Aerohive for Wi-Fi

Why Aerohive Was Selected

  • Controller-less architecture most feature-rich solution Pinnacol found on the market
  • HiveManager Online allows IT staff to manage the network from anywhere, giving flexibility and control
  • Built-in security features ensure strict security guidelines are met and allow employees to work remotely in a secure environment
  • Guest management features easy to administer, without requiring deep network expertise
  • Aerohive’s training team and curriculum are top-notch

Pinnacol Assurance Selects Aerohive for Wi-Fi

Pinnacol Assurance

Pinnacol Assurance was founded in 1915 and provides workers’ compensation insurance for over 55,000 policyholders at companies and organizations across the state of Colorado. Operating as a quasi-governmental agency and operating under a state charter, Pinnacol has nearly 600 employees with $426M in annual revenues. The company insures approximately 60 percent of the Colorado workforce.

The company also assists companies to create safe workplaces and prevent accidents. Policyholders receive access to extensive safety and risk management training and educational materials, employing the largest team of safety consultants in the state.

The Challenge

The initial impetus to upgrade the network architecture at Pinnacol was due to the need for flawless connectivity in its large conference room to avoid interruption of business operations and activities. Pinnacol was experiencing critical network issues in its large conference rooms, located next to break rooms and kitchens where microwaves were interfering with network connectivity.

As the company started evaluating its needs, it decided it was better to move away from its current controller-based solution to a new solution provider that could offer a cloud-based platform, as well as upgrade from 802.11g. The company realized it could not go down the controller route again, needing greater flexibility to roll out configurations and software updates.


Pinnacol Assurance ultimately chose Aerohive over its existing solution vendor because it was the only cloud-based solution that could meet particular requirements for reliability and security. And while switching off its controller-based solution was more costly than simply upgrading its previous architecture, the long-term benefit with Aerohive was a more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

Pinnacol has Aerohive AP330 access points, as well as Aerohive BR200 branch routers. Since implementing Aerohive, Pinnacol’s issues of interference have been completely resolved. Band steering and load balancing features from Aerohive helped direct traffic among the access points.

Security concerns are key for the organization and Aerohive’s security features were essential. Pinnacol set up a separate guest network, and in the near future Pinnacol will take advantage of Aerohive’s Private PSK features for additional protection.

While workers compensation insurance is not yet regulated by HIPAA, Pinnacol holds itself to the same standard. Since the company handles sensitive information like social security numbers and medical records the company was mandated to provide a secure network environment.

Pinnacol uses HiveManager Online to manage and monitor its network, and the IT staff can access the platform from anywhere. The company is using Bonjour Gateway to manage Apple TVs in its conference and boardrooms, using AirPlay for meetings and presentations. The built-in floor mapping and network modeling were highly beneficial to Pinnacol as it was in the midst of a corporate renovation at the time of implementation.

Aerohive branch routers are used by payment processing employees, as well as employees who telecommute and require a VPN gateway.



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