When It Comes to the IoT, Wi-Fi Has the Best Security

JULY 24, 2019 – Fredric Paul

It’s easy to dismiss good ol’ Wi-Fi’s role in internet of things networking. But Wi-Fi has more security advantages than other IoT networking choices.

Addressing the Security Demands of Modern Networks

JULY 22, 2019

With security now sitting high on every organisations’ priority list, Kathleen Hedde, principal product marketing manager at Aerohive, outlines how the implementation of a Network Access Control (NAC) solution could be the key to defending your network.

Aerohive Unveils AI–Enabled Technology for the Future of Enterprise Networking

JULY 2, 2019 – Eli Zimmerman

Rising numbers of personal devices and new education technology demand smart solutions to keep campus Wi-Fi running smoothly.

Extreme’s Aerohive Acquisition Closes WLAN Product Gap

JUNE 28, 2019 – Antone Gonsalves

Extreme Networks’ Aerohive acquisition would fill a gap in Extreme’s WLAN portfolio by adding a cloud-based management option competitive with Cisco and Aruba.

Extreme Moves Into Networking Top Tier With Acquisition of Aerohive

JUNE 26, 2019 – Zeus Kerravala

Extreme Networks announced its intent to acquire Aerohive Networks. Extreme is paying a purchase price of $4.45 per share in cash, which represents about a 40% premium on the opening stock price.

Extreme Networks Plans To Acquire Aerohive To Boost Wi-Fi Chops, Subscription Services

JUNE 26, 2019 – Gina Narcisi

The deal is aimed at strengthening Extreme’s leadership position in cloud management, wireless networking and SD-WAN and is expected to raise Extreme’s revenue mix to about 30 percent from subscription recurring revenue.

Extreme Networks to Acquire Aerohive Networks for $272M

JUNE 26, 2019 – Stephanie Condon

The deal will expand Extreme’s portfolio in cloud-managed Wi-Fi and network access control.

Extreme Targets Cloud Services, SD-WAN, WiFi 6 with $210M Aerohive Grab

JUNE 26, 2019 – Michael Cooney

Extreme buys Aerohive’s wireless networking technology – including its new WiFi 6 gear – SD-WAN software and cloud-management services.

The Trouble with Enterprise IoT and Its Identity Management Problem

June 20, 2019 – Kayla Matthews

Many businesses use enterprise-level IoT devices to help workers get things done more efficiently or to assist with meeting facilities management needs. But, there’s one area where enterprise IoT falls short — identity management

Aerohive Networks Launches New Wi-Fi Management Products

June 17, 2019 – Tanner Harding

Aerohive Networks is using AI and machine learning to provide behavior insights for Wi-Fi management with the launch of its new products, Traffic Insights and Maximum Client Capabilities.

Aerohive Networks Launches Refreshed Partner Portal

JUNE 10, 2019 – Gina Narcisi

Cloud-managed networking player Aerohive launches a new partner portal aimed at better serving channel partners and unveils two new artificial intelligence and machine-learning-powered visibility and analytics tools.

Aerohive Drives Partner Business Through New Portal

JUNE 5, 2019 – David Dungay

Aerohive Networks has launched a best-in-class Partner Portal, built on Salesforce Partner Communities, to better serve channel affiliates.

Aerohive Launches New Partner Portal to Fuel Channel Success

JUNE 5, 2019

Cloud-managed network provider, Aerohive Networks, have launched a new Partner Portal to serve channel affiliates and streamline business transactions.

Aerohive Networks Taps Salesforce for Partner Portal

JUNE 5, 2019 – Mike Vizzard

Aerohive Networks today unfurled a partner portal based on the partner relationship management (PRM) software made available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application by Salesforce.

Aerohive Networks Unleashes New Partner Portal

JUNE 4, 2019 – Edward Gately

Aerohive’s products and solutions “radically simplify” operating and managing access networks and we are applying these across all parts of our business, including our partner portal.

New Aerohive Partner Portal Launches for MSPs, Channel

JUNE 4, 2019 – Rich Tehrani

Aerohive Networks, a leading cloud-managed networking company launched a partner portal to better serve channel affiliates and streamline business transactions.

Westcon Accelerates Enterprise Digital Transformation with Aerohive’s Easiest-to-Manage Cloud Networking Solution

MAY 14, 2019 – Benny Yeung

Aerohive’s one-stop comprehensive network management solution HiveManager is specially designed to manage network access, bringing various advantages (see table), simplifying the complexity of cloud management and reducing IT costs.
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How Integrating AI Into Network Monitoring Drives Efficiencies

APRIL 30, 2019 – Kai Ping Lew

Aerohive’s Client 360 monitoring tool intelligently collates a wealth of data pertaining to client operation, connectivity health, faults, and performance, and presents it in a simple and informative way.

AI and ML to Power the Future of Enterprise Networks

APRIL 29, 2019 – Ashton Young

Agile companies like Aerohive are putting in the hard yards in terms of solutions that simplify and secure networks using a cloud-managed solution with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Making the Grade: How Wi-Fi 6 Addresses Key Networking Problems for the Enterprise

FEBRUARY 23, 2019 – Bradley Chambers

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) promises to bring a lot of changes to enterprise networking in 2019 and beyond. While 802.11ac was focused on raw speed, Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ax is focused on capacity and optimization.

Aerohive Announces Cloud Management for Its A3 Secure Access Management Solution

JANUARY 17, 2019

Aerohive Networks released the cloud management for its A3 Secure Access Management solution. A3 brings an approach to Corporate, BYOD, Guest, and IoT client device onboarding, authentication, and network access control (NAC).

Aerohive Presents City Furniture Case Study at NRF Event

JANUARY 16, 2019 – Anne Flynn Wear

Aerohive Networks revealed the results of a successful case study with City Furniture at the National Retail Federation show this week in New York.

What Comes Next in Wi-Fi

JANUARY 2019 – Alexandra Gates

Alexandra Gates, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Wi-Fi firm Aerohive, talks to Comms Business Magazine about the new 802.11ax standard and why she believes that increasing speed is not enough.

Wi-Fi 6 with ODFMA Opens a World of New Wireless Possibilities

JANUARY 8, 2019 – Zeus Kerravala

Wi-Fi 6 is loaded with new features, but the most important is ODFMA, which provides high throughput and a more efficient network.

CEO Outlook: 5 Questions On 2019

DECEMBER 18, 2018 – David Flynn

CRN asked 77 of the industry’s top CEOs five questions on their views for how 2019 will shape up. Read what Aerohive Networks CEO David Flynn says.

Aerohive and Their 802.11ax Roadshow

NOVEMBER 21, 2018 – Jim Palmer

I had the opportunity to attend an Aerohive roadshow that was focused on the new 802.11ax standard. My reason for attending was to listen to Aerohive’s “Senior Technical Evangelist”, the great David Coleman, CWNE #4 and also the co-author of the Sybex CWNA Study Guide, of which the 5th edition was recently released.

Aerohive’s Atom, 802.11ax Access Points Win Innovation Award

OCTOBER 1, 2018 – Alissa Irei

The winner of this month’s Network Innovation Award, Aerohive Networks, has already begun shipping its new 802.11ax wireless APs and its plug-and-play 802.11ac Atom AP.

Aerohive: We’re Solving MSPs’ Pain Points

AUGUST 22, 2018 – Dylan Martin

Aerohive Networks is making it loud and clear that its Wi-Fi offerings can help MSPs with the pain points they face.

Aerohive Takes on ISE and ClearPass with A3

May 21, 2018 – Lee Badman

Aerohive has recently announced their A3 Secure Access Management platform, a WLAN vendor-agnostic answer to ISE and ClearPass.

Aerohive Challenges Cisco, Aruba With New A3 Network Access Software

MAY 18, 2018 – Drew Conry-Murray

Aerohive has launched A3 access control software for wired and wireless networks. A3 competes against Aruba ClearPass and Cisco ISE, among other access control and policy enforcement platforms.

Access Management Is Critical To IoT Success

MAY 18, 2018 – Zeus Kerravala

With Aerohive’s secure access management solution, A3, administrators can manage the lifecycle of all devices, including IoT devices, on the network.

Aerohive A3 – Enhanced Network Access Control (ENAC) System Hitting the Market

MAY 9, 2018 – Chris DePuy

Aerohive issued a press release about its A3 software system. A3 is what we categorize as an Enhanced Network Access Control (ENAC) system; we calculate market share statistics on this market in our Security report series.

802.11ax Race Is On

FEBRUARY 15, 2018 – Zeus Kerravala

Aerohive has announced the first 802.11ax access points, but is the technology really game-changing?

Aerohive’s Atom Boldly Goes Where No Wi-Fi Has Gone Before

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 – Zeus Kerravala

Aerohive’s new Atom pluggable Wi-Fi devices let businesses cost-effectively extend wireless networks to hard-to-reach places.

5 Things Partners Should Know About Aerohive’s New Generation Of Access Points

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 – Matt Brown

Aerohive is aiming to make Wi-Fi easier, more efficient and more flexible for customers and partners with the launch of three new high performance 802.11ax access points and the new Atom pluggable access point that the company says is a natural fit for Internet of Things deployments.

Aerohive Networks Announces 802.11ax APs & The Atom AP30

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 – Drew Conry-Murray

Aerohive Networks has announced a new family of access points based on the 802.11ax standard. The company has also announced the Atom AP30, a small AP that can be plugged into a standard power outlet.

5 Things You Need To Know About Aerohive’s New SD-WAN Solution

DECEMBER 18, 2017 – Matt Brown

Aerohive Networks took clear aim at Cisco Systems and other networking vendors with a new software-defined wide area network solution it says offers simplicity, performance and optimization competitors in the red-hot market for SD-WAN technology can’t match.

Aerohive Cloud to Combine Wi-Fi
and SD-WAN

DECEMBER 8, 2017 – Antone Gonsalves

Early next year, the Aerohive cloud-managed wireless LAN will include SD-WAN. Analysts said the vendor is adding a necessary feature to compete with Cisco Meraki.

Aerohive SD-WAN solution simplifies management of multi networks

DECEMBER 8, 2017 – Zeus Kerravala

With Aerohive’s SD-WAN solution, customers now have a single console for managing wired networks, Wi-Fi and the enterprise WAN.

Aerohive Dives into SD-WAN

DECEMBER 6, 2017 – Marcia Savage

Cloud WiFi specialist joins crowded market with new software-defined WAN product. Aerohive’s product aims to simplify the WAN and reduce costs by enabling policy-based intelligent path selection, application optimization, and link quality monitoring.

Aerohive Jumps Into SD-WAN Market with Offering Designed to Out-Simplify Cisco

DECEMBER 6, 2017 – Matt Brown

Aerohive Networks unleashed a software-defined WAN offering it said offers simplicity, performance and optimization that competitors in the red-hot market for SD-WAN technology can’t match.

Aerohive Networks Announces Global OEM Agreement with Dell EMC

NOVEMBER 12, 2017 – Janees Reghelini

Aerohive Networks has signed an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) agreement with Dell EMC to deliver Aerohive’s full portfolio of Wi-Fi Access Points and HiveManager NG Cloud Management Platform as a Dell EMC-branded solution.

New OEM Agreement Puts The Dell EMC Brand On Entire Aerohive Portfolio

NOVEMBER 9, 2017 – Matt Brown

Dell EMC and Aerohive Networks are attempting to streamline the sales and support process for partners with a new OEM agreement.

Aerohive and Dell EMC Announce OEM Relationship

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 – Zeus Kerravala

Aerohive gets a boost from Dell EMC’s channel and services, helping it distribute its Wi-Fi hardware and cloud management platform and reach more customers.

Aerohive Partners With Value-Added Distributor WAV As Restructuring Efforts Get Under Way

AUGUST 31, 2017 – Mark Haranas

Aerohive Networks is partnering with value-add distributor WAV as the networking vendor restructures its go-to-market strategy with a new focus on the hospitality market.

Aerohive’s Channel Balloons By 600 Partners Thanks To New, Scalable Cloud Connect

AUGUST 18, 2017 – Mark Haranas

Hundreds of solution providers across the globe are flocking to Aerohive Networks to capitalized on the company’s new cloud networking solution Aerohive Connect.

Aerohive: Growth in 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual 5 GHz APs

AUGUST 15, 2017

Aerohive Networks is reporting that sales of its dual 5 GHz-based 802.11ac Wave 2 access points accounted for 45 percent of its access point sales in Q2 of 2017.

Aerohive Enters the Wallplate Access Point Game

AUGUST 15, 2017 – Wirednot

For the Aerohive-curious, you can get into an AP150W for around $300, with no subscription fees when coupled with Aerohive Connect.

Expand Wi-Fi Quickly, Easily with Aerohive’s Wall Plate

AUGUST 14, 2017 – Zeus Kerravala

Aerohive’s AP150W wall plate is packed with features, including 802.11 AC Wave 2 and Zigbee, and costs a lot less than other Wi-Fi expanding options.

Aerohive Empowers MSP Wi-Fi Partners

AUGUST 7, 2017

Enterprise Wi-Fi vendor Aerohive Networks has announced a new set of business and product capabilities to help channel partners become a Wi-Fi Managed Services Provider.

How City Furniture Built a Better Wi-Fi Network

JULY 24, 2017 – Zeus Kerravala

Using Aerohive products, City Furniture upgraded its Wi-Fi network and digitized operations, moving POS operations to iPads and setting the stage for Bluetooth beacons.

Tech & Learning Selects Aerohive Connect as Best of Show at ISTE 2017

JUNE 28, 2017 – Tech & Learning

Aerohive Connect offers enterprise connectivity, cloud management, and interactive forum-based support, without increasing cost or complexity.

Aerohive Rolls Out On-Premises WiFi and Switch Management Solution

JUNE 23, 2017

Aerohive Networks, a mobility and cloud networking solutions company, this week rolled out a new unified network management system capable of managing thousands of devices.

WiFi Benefits That Matter Most to Small and Medium Enterprises

JUNE 5, 2017

In our always-on, always-connected world, businesses require a network solution which is fast, reliable, cost-effective and scales up on demand – and it seems such WiFi benefits have hooked SMEs.

Wi-Fi Buyers Guide: Questions to Ask and Capabilities to Look Out For

JUNE 21, 2017

When it comes to the best Wi-Fi solution for your organisation, a one size fits all model does not work.

Aerohive Makes Connect Available Across Its Entire Product Line

JUNE 2, 2017 – Zeus Kerravala

Earlier this year Aerohive rolled out Connect, which is a low-cost offering it wanted to use to disrupt the incumbent vendors. Connect is basic WiFi connectivity that is managed through Aerohive’s cloud portal.

Aerohive Networks Aims to Approach MSPs on Their Terms

JUNE 2, 2017 – Mike Vizard

Managed service providers can now acquire access points from Aerohive without having to pay for software licenses until those access points are deployed.

Low-cost Aerohive Connect Manages More Access Points, Switches

MAY 24, 2017 – Antone Gonsalves

Aerohive Connect, a low-cost management option for small WLANs, is available across the vendor’s access points and switches. Aerohive also cut hardware prices by as much as $600.

Aerohive Extends Value-oriented Connect Line to All Access Points and Switches

MAY 23, 2017 – Mark Cox

Aerohive introduced a new, value-focused model on two of their entry level APs earlier this year as a test case. Results were positive and it has been extended across the whole portfolio, including high end solutions.

Why 2×2 Wave 2 Access Points Make No Sense

APRIL 28, 2017 – Zeus Kerravala

A 2×2 Wave 2 AP will cost about twice the price of a 2×2 Wave 1 AP—and it has limited benefits. So, companies should pass on this Wi-Fi technology.

Aerohive Networks Channel Chief On ‘Huge Progress’ And Growth Through Dell Networking Partnership

APRIL 25, 2017 – Mark Haranas

CRN talks to O’Brien about the progress of its Dell partnership, Aerohive’s services push in 2017 and his channel vision.

CRN Exclusive: Aerohive Networks Revamps MSP Partner Charge With New Initiatives

APRIL 11, 2017 – Mark Haranas

Aerohive Networks is striving to enable more channel partners to build managed service provider (MSP) practices through a new flexible purchasing strategy and exclusive partnership with distributor Synnex.

Former Ruckus Channel Sales Leader Lands At Rival Aerohive

FEBRUARY 15, 2017 – Mark Haranas

Former Ruckus Wireless America sales leader Ron Gill has landed a new position at rival Aerohive Networks.

New Aerohive Access Points Simplify Mesh Network Setup for SMBs

FEBRUARY 6, 2017 – Wayne Rash

New network infrastructure devices from Aerohive include low prices and easy to use cloud-based management with easy software-based feature upgrades.

Aerohive Aims to Address Bifurcated Mobile Computing Market

FEBRUARY 3, 2017 – Mike Vizard

Aerohive Networks this week launched an Aerohive Connect program under which it is making access points available to IT organizations starting at a base price of $229 per access point.

Aerohive Eyes Small Firms with APs, Cloud-Based Management Software

FEBRUARY 2, 2017 – Eamon McCarthy Earls

Aerohive shifts gears with Wi-Fi for small businesses that feature cloud-based management software, Cisco considers the true cost of a data breach and Arista beefs up visibility.

Aerohive Connect Announced a Cloud-Managed Series Access Points

FEBRUARY 1, 2017 – Sander Almekinders

It is now clear that the access point management for many companies slowly but surely towards the cloud. Aerohive has this course in mind and comes today with Aerohive Connect, a cloud-managed series access points.

Connecting SMBs The Easy Way With Aerohive Connect

FEBRUARY 1, 2017

Enter the newest offering from Aerohive. Announced yesterday, Aerohive has a new 2×2:2 AP on the market, the AP 122. They are combining this new AP with a unique software offering, Aerohive Connect.

Digital Business Initiatives Transform Mobile Usage

JANUARY 31, 2017 – Mike Vizard

Aerohive Networks has launched Aerohive Connect, which offers wireless access points managed via the cloud for $229 per access point.

Aerohive Looks to Disrupt Enterprise Wi-Fi with a Low Price Point

JANUARY 31 2017 – Zeus Kerravala

Instead of having to choose between cost and features, businesses can buy the Wi-Fi features they need and not overpay for those they may not need.