Uniquely, easily, and securely connect every user and device on your network

  • Private PSKs are unique pre-shared keys created for individuals or groups of users on the same SSID.
  • No complex configuration required for clients. The same simplicity of PSK, making it ideal for IoT, BYOD, and guest deployments.
  • Supported on most devices, where 802.1X may not, enabling stronger security for IoT.
  • Easily revoke access, for a single device or individual, without affecting everyone else.
  • Thousands of keys can easily be managed and distributed via the cloud or mobile applications, and self-registration.


Customers can create (and revoke) tens of thousands of unique keys for individual or groups of devices on the same SSID that can be securely managed, monitored, and distributed via the cloud, mobile applications, or user self-registration. Want to see how easy it can be to manage devices, check out our guest management applications that deliver self-serve PPSK’s.


How Does It Work?

Aerohive’s ‘Private’ PSK technology gives you the ability to easily onboard and identify devices, without security or complexity concerns.Watch Aerohive’s Director of Product Marketing, Abby Strong, walk you through the mechanics that make Aerohive’s unique PPSK technology possible.


Define which users, devices, and things can enter the network, then granularly control what they can do once connected

  • Role-based profiles assigned to devices based on administrator’s preferences
  • Set time of day and location-based access limits
  • Assign VLAN, application access, firewall policies, and bandwidth thresholds per user or device group
  • Create, deploy, and monitor secure access policies from any location with public and private cloud networking and powerful contextualized dashboards