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Is your current Wi-Fi solution costing much more than it should?

The Top 5 Reasons You Are Overpaying for Wi-Fi

Enterprise Wi-Fi architectures, hardware and software capabilities have evolved dramatically that the cost of a large refresh could be less than sticking with your current, outdated solution.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn the top 5 reasons you’re probably overpaying for Wi-Fi.

Industry experts will also share insight on:

  • How APs have evolved with great connectivity at 70% less cost
  • What different architectures can scale with predictable TCO
  • Which enterprise features are typically not “out-of-the-box” – including security, guest access, and usage management
  • How you can avoid hidden costs for ongoing support and labor-intensive management

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Discover the new economics of enterprise Wi-Fi that are driving adaptable, scalable and affordable connectivity.