From increased capacity to network automation and big data insights, there’s a lot of innovation taking place in the world of Wi-Fi right now. Want a sneak peek?

Join this E-rate webinar on Wednesday December 13th at 11am PT as we discuss some of the latest Wi-Fi technologies available to school’s moving into 2018.

Aerohive’s product team will highlight the latest cloud and architecture enhancements helping to optimize school deployments, and explore innovations on the horizon. Topics include:

  • Speed – 802.11ax is on the radar and boasting even more capacity, but what gains will it really offer and when should you make the move?
  • Management – How can you increase visibility and control in your own network through cloud networking, and take advantage of big data insights to compare and optimize your deployment based on anonymized information from similar networks?
  • Security – Authentication is part of your Wi-Fi security plan, but what additional measures should you be taking to protect and control network traffic flows from school-issued, personal, guest, and IoT devices?
  • Automation – IT departments want access networks that take care of them, not the other way around. How are software-defined, self-learning architectures increasing reliability and automating remediation?